All our puppies have mooved to their new homes! Meet our new Family members...

ASADI ARI LIBERTA - owners Ilvija Vitola & Kristine Liberta, Latvia

Asadi lives in Garupe, close to the sea and has a big "sister" Rence to play and to do some gardening work together. Asadi is co-owned with me, so I hope this little cute hearbreaker will show his strength in the showring as well.

AKELLO ARI LIBERTA - owner Viesturs Abolins, Latvia

Rego lives in Limbazi and Viesturs hobby is hunting, so Rego will have plenty of fun and work in the woods later on.

AMONDI ARI LIBERTA - owner Tadas Visockas, Lithuania

Amondi is our proud representative in Lithuania, we hope very much to see this little active boy in the show rings with the time.

ARTEMIS ARI LIBERTA - owner Kai-Uwe Schmidt, Germany

Brave boy Cooper lives near Koblenz and has a great RR company to spend time with. In the picture togather with Kai-Uwe and Bongo (SA import).

AYO ARI LIBERTA - owner Janis Mellups, Latvia

Ayo lives in the city where we visit offten - Sigulda. Janis is fond of snowboarding and kitsurfing so little golden boy will be a sporty ridgeback for sure :)

ALIZETI ARI LIBERTA - owner & breeder Kristine Liberta, Latvia 

This outgoing and self confident lady Alizeti stays with us :) Habi will have company now for dog fun and finally my dream of 2 RR's by the fireplace has come true...

ARIEL ARI LIBERTA - owners Vija Paisuma & Kristine Liberta, Latvia
Ariel lives just a couple of minutes from us - also in Ikskile and Vija has big plans for our little cute lady in the future! Ari has a very nice and polite German Shepherd gentelmen at home to play with :)

ARETA ARI LIBERTA - owner Sanita Kupse, Latvia

Little charmer Areta lives in Liepaja by the sea, she has a very intelligent cat friend Mr.Gusts to play with, but usually he is not fond of her spinns and jumps, but it could change with the time :)

AMBER ARI LIBERTA - owner Galina Grigoryeva, Russia

Our brownnosed star- Amber has mooved to St.Petersburg and is starting to have fun with her new cat friends at home. Hopefully Amber will be representing us proudly in dog shows later on.

ABENI ARI LIBERTA - owner Liva Ozola, Latvia

Leli lives in Riga and she will be meating plenty of dog friends in the neigbourhood as she is a true city girl. Leli loves to play with Binnija - a very nice and intelligent beagle lady :)

AISHA ARI LIBERTA - owner Rolands Dedels, Latvia

Aisha lives in a countryside - near nice lakes and woods in Lubana. She will go for long walks with Rolands and his wife and they all will enjoy the countryside life. 

ATHENA ARI LIBERTA - owner Ilze Burkevica

Asi lives near Riga and she has a very nice and playful cmpanion at home - little black girl Merilin. Although size matters sometimes, they are the best friends :)