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Lovely Summer evening was spent again with Bora's adorable puppies - they are sooooo big already! They run, climb, bite, bark, play, sleep and grow so lovely!!! I am very happy for the lovely gift we have after Bora and Thanzi. We made also first stack pictures and here you can see the new puppy gallery - enjoy! BTW - this excellent show boy is still awailable - for more info contact Baiba on e-mail or Facebook.



This was so great - we went yesterday to see the Bora's puppies again, they are so sweet and lovely, kids had so much fun again together! What an evening! We brought also Ali with us and she had a sniff of the puppy so gentle and loving... Oh sweet summer, enjoy the sun and have a look on our lovely puppy pictures here...



We have wonderful news we have not shared so far - we have a lovely, absolutely correct RR litter born on July 11, 2015! Mommy Bora is having a full time maternity leave and taking very nice care of her 3 little babies! Ms Red was born as first, then the brother Mr blue and the last but not the least - lovely Ms yellow sister also arrived to this wonderful world. I am so truly happy for the limited edition we have here, this is Boras first and last litter and yes, like you can imagine I am keeping one girl :) But the other one is still awailable for a nice show home near us! Puppies are growing very well and even, all are weighting arround 2kg already at the age of 2 weeks, so stay tuned for our fantastic puppy Summer pictures and enjoy the ones in the gallery and on facebook. Have a Sunny vocation :) Puppy page here... Gallery here...