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On May 10, 2018 our D litter was born!

We have 11 puppies – 6 girls and 5 boys! 10 puppies are correct and 4 girls are livernosed!

Norwegian litter 2018!

We have exciting puppy news – Kali met Kovo in Oslo and we expect puppies in Mid May!

Kali or in her full name – “Calendula Ari Liberta Sunlit Arnica” lives with my brother’s family in Kadaga and is also offten staying at our place. Kali is my breeding in 3rd generation – her mom is her look a like Bora and her dad is my all times favorite RR boy MULTI CH Kangelani’s Thanzi by Clay, so she is already 75% Norwegian as also her grand dad is Norwegian – Masithela’s Irresistable Chango. Kali’s grandmam is my foundation bitch BIS Junior WW2006, Multi CH Malozi Habiba and I can say, that I see all those lovely ancestors in Kali and she really has taken all the best from them, which makes me a very happy breeder.

Kali was born in a small litter of 3 puppies and is adorable in all possible ways – she has totally sweet temperament, she loves kids, other dogs and animals are no problem at all. She is also lovely in her conformation, I started to show her in late junior class and with very limited showing we managed to get very nice Champion titles – Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Baltic Junior Champion and also Champion of all Baltic states. She has gained also 2 Res CACIBs and one CACIB and has been several times BOO. And Kali has been a very easy and lovely girl to show, I think we will continue our show carrier as our smallest family member Lūks gets a bit older.

As we were looking for a Mr X for Kali, I was looking for so many nice boys, but Kali had a mind of her own and she had her right heat time exactly as we were in Norway in ski holidays with all our family. I believe it is all for good and we did find a lovely boy for Kali – Aminiafu’s Kovo! Kangelani’s Marit was sending pictures of Kovo and I totally fell in love with this boy! And even more, Kovo’s owner is Anne Britt Gabrielssen and for me breeding is really something very personal, so I am delighted to have the very best family members in my breeding programm. Couse it is a longterm family thing and we have to choose the best – both dogs and owners 🙂

Kali and Kovo both are healthy, easy going ridgebacks and the main thing for me still is the temperament, therefore I keep all fingers crossed that we have a bunch of lovely and easy going puppies in May. I love the feeling of going everywhere with my dogs, I love that I dont have to worry on temperament issues, my dogs can go off leash and owners are enjoying a life witha dog and this is very important for me as a breeder. Kovo is also a very nice boy in conformation and misses just one last CC for his Norwegian Show Champion title, but it is just arround the courner 🙂

What we expect from this combination – nice ridgeback puppies (black and also livernosed) with confidence, easy going temperaments, healthy, nice in conformation and full family members for active families. Feel free to e-mail me kristine@liberta.lv or call me + 371 29299668 for more information.

Pedigree of our D puppies