My precious darling Habi has done something amazing...
I can't really believe this, but my Habi won the show of the shows -
 where Malozi Habiba became -  

I will need very much time to believe this is true... But ok, let's start from the beginning. Habi went to Poznan with our friends Ieva, Martins, Dzintra and her son Arturs. In the car were also some dogs besides Habi - Kimya (RR), Jesper and Woodoo (Whipets) and Arturs handling dog Krokse - all very good friends to Habi. As they arrived in Poland one day before the show, all dogs had a very nice time to relax and play.

And then came the BIG show day - November 10, 2006...
266 Ridgebacks were entered in the World Dog Show in Poznan, Poland - ridgebacks were the 6th most popular breed at this show. Puppies and juniors were judged by Mr. Tibor Havelka from Slovakia. Habi's breeder Tuija handled Habi and they showed so wonderful again!

In the junior class the entry was huge - 24 junior girls competed for the prestigious JWW`06 title and Habi was the one winning them all! And with this becoming World Junior Winner 2006 & Junior Champion of Poland! But this is only the beginning - Habi won also the best junior male and became BOB Junior!


And even this was not all - Habi and Tuija waited for the big finals and both were so ready to show at the best... They went in and Habi gave her best look to the BIS junior judge Mr. Hans van der Berg from Netherlands - seems that Habi charmed him as Habi was picked among 9 best juniors... And then she showed her best movements, Tuija said that Habi was almost flying bearly touching the ground. 

And from the loudspeaker came the judges decision - first and Best in Show Junior is Rhodesian Ridgeback - Malozi Habiba!!!! 


And this really was something!  BIS1 Junior and this all at the World Winner show! You must agree - this is more than a dog owner can ever dream in the deepest dreams...

Million thanks to Habi's wonderful breeder and handler Tuija! No words can express how happy and proud I am and how much you deserve this! Malozi is World wide known for breeding the BEST RIDGEBACKS EVER!!!! I'm so grateful I am part of your wonderful team! You are the best and I'm so happy the whole world knows it :)

Many thanks to Dzintra and Ieva for taking such a good care of my girl for the whole trip! Habi is safe back home again and enjoys peaceful evenings by the fireplace and on her sofa... 

And thanks for all the wonderful words and congratulations - I knew we have many friends out there ;)