We packed our car full and drove to Estonia this time - Tartu was our goal. Habi showed for the first time in intermediate class and did very nice - EXC2 and BB3 and I was SOOOO proud of the last sentence of her critique "beautiful presentation" :D 

7 of 14 RR's were Malozi! From the left Fanny, Habi, Milka and Gimli.

We took part in the final Breeder's group as well where Malozi ridgebacks were BIS 3!!!

And on the next day the Malozi team came to visit us... We had 6 Malozi ridgebacks at our house having fun in the snow - littermates Jumo, Juburu and Musca and big girls Milka, Fanny and Habi.

Afterwords we were trying to make some sibling pictures - it was not a very easy task... Ready?  Go... From, the left - Jumo, Musca and Juburu.

And here are Finnish emigrants - Malozi ridgies in Latvia - Habi and Juburu...

And here is Tuija having a word with handsome Juburu - and here is the result...

And lot's of treets - like usual at dog parties :D

This was a very nice day - thank you all for coming and I hope to see you soon again ;)