CACIB in Ozolnieki, Latvia - 13.08.2006

We had a wonderful show day again in Ozolnieki International show. Breed entry was 6 and judge was Tina Sulce from Latvia.

Despite the rainy start, the show went on wonderful...

Habi was the only one in JUN class and got her 4th JUN CAC. As we had already 3 needed for LV JCH title we did not take it this time... Proud girls :P

This time I handled her and it was a pleasure, Habi was in a very nice show mood :)

Habi's friend Kimya received her first CACIB!!! And Habi did also great  - BB1 and also BOB!!!

Smiling Habi, proud me and happy Leo waiting for finals:)

Agility looked so interesting, that Habi wanted to take part in this competition as well :)  Hopefully soon we will manage this soon!

And the finals came witha nice sun and very nice result for us... BIG - 4!!!

What a day...

Leo happy again - a new white dog for him :D Habi had also nice and tasty things - so everybody was satisfied and very very happy!