Habi on Latvian Hunting Dog Show - 30.07.2006

We had a really lovely time at Latvian Hunting Dog Club show in Riga. Breed entry was 5 and Habi was beautifully shown by Dzintra again!


Habi did so great - JUN CAC, JUN BOB, BB1, BOB!!!


But that's not all - she continued to compete in the finals...

First was Junior BIS - and our Habi got JUN BIS-4!!!

Then we moved on to BIG - and Habi was BIG-3!!!

Arturs competed in the Junior handling with Habi and was 4th!!! And this is our suport team...

Super day - Habi is now Latvian, Estonian and Belarus Junior Champion!!!

Huge thanks to Dzintra for excellent handling and many hugs to Tuija for breeding so adorable RR's!!! After such a wondeful day we had a nice afterparty... :)