Habi went on a show tour with Dzintra and her dogs to Belarus and Poland. In Belarus Habi was the only RR in "Braslau's Cup-2006" and the judge was Radjuk from Belarus. Habi performed very nice despite the extreme heat and sun - it was +30 all the time... Habi got JUN CAC, was BOB and went to compete in the junior BIS together with Dzintra's whippet boy and Habi's best friend Jesper. And they both did so well - Habi BIS-5 and Jesper BIS-4!!! Super day for everyone ;)


In the evening they continued the journey to Poland - in Augustow's CAC show Habi was one of 5 RR's and got EXC1 and Youth Winner title with gold medal :)


Needless to say that Habi had a super trip with her best dog friends... Million thanks to Dzintra and Arturs again for handling Habi so nice ;)