Habi went to EW with my husband and our son Leo and I stayed home with our little boy Larss and our cat ladies :) They had a very nice time in Finland - Habi enjoyed the time in her birth country very much and she even ecognized Tuija this time! Definitely because of those really tasty meat balls in her pocked :D Thank you Tuija for the wonderful hospitality and your lovely handling of our Habi! So, but let's take a look on the pictures now...

Junior males class - Habi's nice brothers from the left - Sisu and Ralli who was EXC4!

Then it was Habi's turn - Habi and Tuija in the ring. Anna and Habi's sister Aura as 2nd from the left.

Breed entry was big - 14 JUN girls!

Habi and Tuija did very nice - only 7 of 14 girls got EXC.

Meanwhile Leo had a little walk by the ring :)

The judge was Guiseppe Alessandra from Italy and breed entry was 73

Evaluated with "EXC" girls compeeting for the 4 placements

And the "European Junior Winner 2006" was Moka from Latvia!!! Congratulations!