Our Cattery LV*Lamblike is a family owned cattery and it is registered under FIFe and we are members of Cat Club Rebuss since 2005. We breed just one litter a year so contact us in advance if you would like to become owner of our kittens. Happy, curly, home-raised and well socialized kittens are our pride. Kittens are all raised under foot, never caged, all our cats adapt well with people, children and other animals. Our cats are our Family members and they love to be a part of every facet of our life and what can be better :)

Our passion is Selkirk rex cats - these adorable lap cats that purr all the time and follow you everywhere you go but leave you alone if you ask for this! When you think of the Selkirk rex, picture a rather big, curly, furry and sweet pet. Think of a cat that plays with you, sits on your lap when you are relaxing, and cuddles next to you when you sleep. This breed's placid and gentle nature makes it an affectionate and cuddly cat. They always meet you at the door and follow around for company. Selkirk rex cats get along with everyone and handle changes well and they enjoy playing with other family members and other pets. They also enjoy a resting lap and will fall limp in your arms. This disposition makes the Selkirk rex an ideal companion for single people as well as families with children, and for families with and other cats and dogs.