Our Devon Rex - D litter has landed on Friday - 07.09.2007

Dam - LV*Highleg Run Chick

colour - DRX ds 03 (red smoke bicolour)
DOB - 13.12.2005
Breeder - Wickman Marie, Sweden
Owner - Alekseious Oksana, Germany

Our Kika had a hard time with delivery so a caesarian was done and 4 tiny curly kittens were born, unfortunately one kitten did not make through and we are left now with 3 wonderful and very interesting babies -

  • LV* LAMBLIKE DOMINO - bicolor male with very handsome black and white markings - absolutely symmetric and so beautiful head and with almost no fur at the beginning - looks like a real alien - RESERVED.

  • LV* LAMBLIKE DANTE - point male with adorable wavy, soft, curly coat (to me looks very much like a shorthaired Selkirk coat :) ) Our guess is that he will be chocolate or blue. RESERVED.

  • LV* LAMBLIKE DAFFODIL - torty female with a short curly coat, very nice cheek bones, well set ears, developing very nice. RESERVED.

Mom and babies are doing wonderful - Kika is feeling well and babies are gaining weight very nice and all are eating dry cat food, using the WC properly and having fun most of the time! All 3 kittens have found great new homes already!

More pictures you can find in the gallery...

For more information on kittens please feel free to e-mail me - kristine@liberta.lv or call +371 29299668 or skype - Chat with me