All our kittens have found loving homes!

Queen - WCF Ch Toperex' Amrei King - Fife IC Balu Olympic Spirit
Selkirkrex Longhair, black British Shorthair, cream
Date of birth: 26 July 2002 Date of birth: 24 April 2002

On June 4 our Amrei delivered the first Selkirk Rex kittens in the Baltics and Scandinavia!

We have 3 kittens - 2 curly and one straight haired.

  • Female A La Sara is Selkirk rex longhair, black torty - goes to the very nice cattery in Estonia (on the left).
  • Male Aggie is Selkirk rex shorthair, black - has found a loving home in Adazi (on the right). Show quality - very promissing for breeding. Read here more on allowable outcross.
  • Female Amanda - Selkirk rex straight haired short hair silver torty - has found a lovely home in Riga (in the middle).

Please e-mail for more detailed information on our planned litters or visit the gallery for A-litter kitten pictures.