Our lovely E-kittens arrived on November 22, 2008!

Sire: ICH Bocman of Beatriche


Dam: Nina Ricci v. Sturmcastle


DOB - 19.08.2006
British Shortair  - BRI a

Very succesfull show cat and sweet tempered boy at home. He has a smaller British Shorthair girl as a playmate at home and also a dog to have fun with. Nina liked him from the first sight and he was very polite and behaved like a real gentlemen!

DOB - 10.07.2006
Selkirk rex longhaired (homozygot) - SRL as 33 non
Nina is imported from Germany, sweet in her nature and also the look and she adores dogs. My true dream cat - playful, funny and polite - she will be in my lap everytime I ask her - the perrrrrrfect purrrrring selkirk rex lapcat:)

 We have 4 curly kittens - 1 male and 3 girls - all kittens are shortaired and curly!

PS - to those who wonder why Selkirk rex is bred with a British Shorthair - according to the breed standart it is allowed to use BSH untill 2015 in order to get the geen pool to be able to continue the breed after that :)


LV* Lamblike Eiro Eldorado 
blue curly boy, active, outgoing and brave with a  soft and curly coat, he is the master of getting at the highest places and greeting the guests at the door :)

LV* Lamblike Essi Encour
blue and extra curly and soft coated girl, playful curly baby with a simply adorable look and attetude towards life - you simply won't resist hugging her all evening long :)

LV* Lamblike Ella Eclair
blue silver girl, with lighter blue belly and stripes on the feet, very cute face, upcoming supermodel for sure and this whole comes in package with a wonderful personality!
LV* Lamblike Elfie Ebony
blue silver girl, playful and always ready to have fun, loves to cach her own and also other tales (especially those who belong to dogs), girl with a "crown" markings on her forechin.

Contact me if you are interested in our curly kitties - kristine@liberta.lv or 371 29299668 or leave a mesage at our contact page! Kittens are ready to leave our cattery after Valentines day - 14.02.2009. FIFe pedigree, identification, vaccination  for the age and lifelong support is a basic package :)

More pictures in the gallery!

Pedigree of the kittens:


ICH Bocman of Beatriche


ICH Rainboy Joyiful Cat


WCH Borman Shalatur

GICh Dora Shalatur

LT* Kates Akis Beatrice


EC Beberis Miauka

CH Zydroji Zvaigzde Jovilga
BRI a 21 33


Nina Ricci v. Sturmcastle

SRL as 33 non
(blue silver  point)

Cassander v. Sturmcaslte

SRL blue golden

Insider’s Dreamboy
PER blue shaded

Insider’s Black Sun
SRL black

Coolrunnings Dolly Blue

SRL blue point

CH Insider’s Curly Carl
SRL seal point

Adams Girl
SRL blue point