Winter is definately here, we are having a true cold here -15C but at least it is sunny and bright during the day, anyway better than the usual Autumn twilight 24/7. Ridgies are happy for the snow, check out 2 new albums - one without and one with the snow. And of course - enjoy the upcoming Holidays!!! And feel free to visit if you need a warm coat for your dog to enjoy the Winter :)

Merry Christmas!!!

SHOWING OFF - 6.12.2009

And the day is finally here, our B team is starting the show carrier at the age of 5 months!!! Group 6 specialty was held in Riga and 4 out of 13 RR's entered today were mine - Bango, Bayo and Bora in baby class and Ayo in Intermediate and Breeze joined to cheer for us. Judge Norman Deshuymere, Netherlands and we had a fantastic day!
B team

All my B puppies were shown by their owners and I was so proud of their wonderful work!!! And the results were also fantastic - all 3 babies were awarded with Very Promising, Bayo won over brother Bango this time and Bora won over Bayo, so becoming BOB baby puppy at her first show. Bora continued also in the finals and was BIS BABY PUPPY today!!!!

Ayo was showing in intermediate class and was awarded Excellent 1st, Champion Quality. Later on we won our lovely friends Trevor and Koby in the BM competition. Ayo tipped on Best of Breed today with CAC for his LV CH title!!! (Already 2 grown-up champions of A puppies at the age of 23 months)  Ayo's titles: LV CH, LV & LT JCH, FIN JW 08!

In the finals judge liked Ayo again and placed as BIS-4 of today!!! I was so happy, and the best thing was that we all had a great time again, even thought he first show is the most difficult one, I am extremely proud of you all! Later on we headed to Bora's place for a lovely afterparty - million thanks for everything! Picture report can be found here...
Ayo LV CH and Bora BISS baby


A fun afternoon at Teodori place, Bayo enjoyed company of 8 adorable labrador babies 4 weeks old and he also liked the milk smell in the puppy room - oh sweet childhood memories :) Some of the cuties are still looking for a loving homes, show homes especially welcome! More info - and pictures here...

visiting Teodori


Areta got some really nice news for us all from a nice trip to Kaliningrad, Russia - judge I.Shvecs. Areta Ari Liberta - EXC1, RU CAC, BOB and on top of it - Best in Group 2!!! Mega congratulations to the owner Sanita, you really are having fun in the ring! Very happy for you both!

Areta RU CAC holder

AUTUMN GALLERY - 24.11.2009

We have had plenty of parties, walks and happenings with our ridgebacks and their families and of course it leads to a new gallery. First some pictures from our daily morning walks to the river, then we had a cute livernose party with Athena and Briize, afterwards Bakita was staying with us and I must admit that we all fell in love with her immediately. Celebration of National holiday at Bora's place, visiting Bango & Bayo, going for a classic Autumn walk in Sigulda and celebrating Broni's 7th birthday... We really have had fun, enjoy our Autumn pictures here...

LIBERTA Autumn 2009

SUMMER TRIP - 16.11.2009

Finaly the Summer trip pictures are on-line... It was great to have a really long vocation with all our family with us - kids and dogs, even sometimes it was a bit difficult to organize that everyone is happy and entertained at the best, but we managed to have a great time and it was the main thing. Enjoy our pictures from all across the Europe - 9500 km in 4 weeks. It was really expensive, but definately worth it! We fell in love with fantastic Portugal, met Bishara's new family in Germany, finished Habi's INT CH in Spain, had so much fun in Italy and visited my dear hostfamily in Switzerland... PLENTY of pictures - enjoy, you will feel the sun there :)

Summer trip

XRAY RESULTS - 8.11.2009

Areta was x-rayed  with excellent results AA:00, same as sister Ariel and brother Ayo! The others will follow soon. Congratulations to owner Sanita! Areta with limited showing has gained already 2x CAC's from Latvia, one from Lithuania and a CACIB on top of it! Keep an eye on our lovely girl in the future :)

Areta clear AA:00


Double International show in Riga and our A team had a great time with wonderful results - 2x CACIB's, Res CACIB, 2x CAC's, one new Champion and all our A dogs awarded with "Excellent" both days!!!

Saturday, 31.10.2009 - RR's judged by Mr.Greg Eve (South Africa), breed entry 20.
AYO - won the intermediate class - EXC1, CQ, Best Male 2, Res CACIB (will be confirmed as CACIB).
ARETA - also won the intermediate class - EXC1, CQ, CAC, Best Bitch 2, Res CACIB (will be confirmed as CACIB).
ALIZETI - 2nd in intermediate class - EXC2.
ARIEL - won the open class - EXC1, CQ, Best Bitch 3.

Areta and Ayo

Sunday, 1.11.2009 - RR's judged by Mr.Salvatore Tripoli (Italy), breed entry 18.
ASADI - 3rd in  intermediate class - EXC3.
ALIZETI - won the intermediate class - EXC1, CQ, CAC, Best Bitch 2, Res CACIB => NEW LATVIAN CHAMPION !!!
ARIEL - 4th in open class - EXC4.

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend and let's continue in the same and even better way :) Pictures here...

Alizeti LV CH

WORLD WINNER SHOW - 11.10.2009

Quickly unpacking the bags from our vocation and loading some more show stuff in and heading towards Bratislava for a show time. This time 3 shows in the schedule - World Dog Show, SKCHR Club Show  and Rhodesian Ridgeback World Specialty Show. Breed entrries huge - arround 300 RR's in WDS and ~200 in specialties from all over the World. It was great to see everyone again! And we even managed to bring back some great results :)

9.10.2009 World Dog Show - AYO excellent in intermediate class, ARIEL and ALIZETI in huge (43 girls) open class both excellent and Ali even picked up among 8 finalists. A pitty that girls were transfered by mistake to open instead of intermediate class as entered, but I'm very proud of our achievements there.

10.10.2009  SKCHR Club Show ALIZETI excellent in intermediate class, ARIEL excellent in open class and stayed till last 7 finalists. AYO very good in intermediate class. In Brace competition AYO and ALI tipped up to BIS 3 brace!!! BOB with BISS went to adorable Malozi Inyanga - congratulations to Tuuli and Tuija!!!

11.10.2009 Rhodesian Ridgeback World Specialty Show - ALIZETI Class Winner in intermediate class with CAC & Club CAC!!! AYO very good in intermediate class (too heavy head for the judge). For the Best Bitch placement we came in a great company - me with Ali, Tuija with Jasu, Tuuli with Inka and the working class winner. Tuija and Malozi Jazua won the BB placement and also the BOO today, BISS went to lovely Ikimba Waitimu - best compliments to all winners! Malozi breeder's group was BIS breeder both days - so well deserved!

Thanks for a great trip to our travel team - Dzintra, Anda, Ingita! Great show - hope to see you all soon :)  Picture report here...


Just a short but such a wonderful message - my dear Habi became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION during our vocation by winning in Spain! We attended the International show in Leon and mommy Habi had a great come-back to the rings after the motherhood duties - Malozi Habiba - EXC 1, Spanish CAC, CACIB and Best of Opposite!!! Habi can be proudly named as a real INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION with CACIB certificates from Georgia, Croatia, Denmark and Spain - truly international beauty :) We had a great vocation, pictures and all the rest will follow next week!

Malozi Habiba new INT CH

ASADI BH TESTED - 12.09.2009

Our lovely boy Asadi passed BH (Companion Dog) test with stunning results - 60 points out of 65!!! Congratulations to the owner Ilvija!  You really make proud both - Habi and Hony - also clever ridgies :)

We keep enjoying our sunny vocation in Portugal

Ilvija and Asadi

MEET AND GREET - 9.09.2009

LOOK LIBERTA'S "B" team is ready to say hi! I am very happy to welcome our new puppy owners to the big Family - I know we have plenty of things to learn and experience together :)

We are leaving for a sunny vocation to Spain with kids and both our RR girls tomorrow, the long puppy Summer has been great, but a getaway is a must for all of us, so we pack our car and go for a nice and sunny trip until October. On the way we will bring little Bishara at her new Family home in Germany and then we will continue our trip through France, Spain and Portugal without any rush. Don't worry if I'm not answering my e-mails, but send an sms instead  +371 29299668 :)

Have a great Autumn and see you all soon!

Puppy picture gallery updated as well... Enjoy!

HD AND ED TESTED - 7.09.2009

First Habi+ Hony puppies tested for hips and elbows with excellent results - both Ariel and Ayo are clear - HD:AA and ED:00! Congratulations to owners Vija & Janis :)

HD results

CZ AND PL TRIP - 4.09.2009

Time for a show trip again - this time 2700km long trip to Czech and Poland for 2x CACIB shows and a bit of sightseeing as a bonus in Prague. Our first goal was to see Praha Zoo as dogs there are allowed to enter with a special dog ticket. So we took our 3 ridgebacks to show them real lions for the first time! It was a hot day but a very nice experience, dogs are welcomed everywhere, plenty of drinking spots and very nice attitude from everyone during the visit at the zoo. Ariel and Ali were really interested into lions and giraffes, Asadi (his name in translation is a Lion) preferred goats and birds, but sure it was great for everyone! Pictures from RR's visiting real lions here...

 RR's visiting LIONS

On the next day we headed to CACIB show in Mlada Boleslav - 96 RR's entered and judged by Lucie Kotěrová , SK. Very big class entries, but we all did great - all 3 my ridgies awarded with EXCELLENT and Ariel even managed to get the 2nd place in the big intermediate class with RES CAC!!! We will come back for the CAC's next time :) Pictures here...

After 700km of driving we arrived in Poland - Bialystok CACIB was held in a nice and sunny stadium and we settled in for a nice show day.  Breed entry 15, judge Renata Petkeviciene, LT. As you can imagine we really had a great day - Best of Opposite, CACIB and 2x Res CACIBs - can you wish for more for 3 dogs?!? Now all my ridgies are getting closer to the PL CH title, just one more CWC to go in 6 months!

Asadi Ari Liberta - intermediate class - EXC1, CWC, Res CACIB, Best male 2!

Ariel Ari Liberta - intermediate class - EXC1, CWC, CACIB, Best female, BOO!

Alizeti Ari Liberta - open class - EXC1, CWC, Res CACIB, Best female 2!

Thanks to Dzintra for handling Ali. Habi's best friend Dzintra's Whippet - Satangin Jesta Jesper finished his PL CH with a style by winning BOB in Bialystok, Habi will catch up soon :) Pictures from PL show here...

Polish Winners

AT NEW HOMES - 2.09.2009

We had a great trip to Czeck and Poland but more about that soon, now I have to show you how our lovely puppies are doing at their new homes...

Look Liberta's Bakita - our Lithuanian baby girl or (miss Orange) with her wonderful owners Monika and Vaidas. Bakita's gallery here...

Look Liberta's Bora - our adorable hurricane (miss Red) and Koby's sweet little sister is entertaining our friends Baiba, Reinis, Olafs, Andis and Laura. Bora's gallery here...

More to come soon ;) Also several new galleries under our puppy page...

Due to cancellation male puppy (Mr.White) is available for a loving home! Feel free to ask more info +371 29299668 or e-mail: !

puppy available


PUPPY NEWS - 23.08.2009

Sorry for no news lately, but as you probably know from the galleries - our puppies are doing GREAT!!! All have grown to the special age of 8 weeks and the first ones have started to leave our house already! We have spent he last 2 weeks activly socializing our puppies - they have met more than 150 people, plenty of different dogs and cats. We have been visiting all our dog friends and also the new owners with some smaller packs of 3 to 5 puppies, they have been used to driving in the car and know that every trip will bring them to a new and exciting place :) So they are really getting ready for the big trip to the new homes, but meanwhile enjoy the latest galleries and also the stack pictures taken at 7 weeks and 5 days here...

PUPPY PICTURES - 30.07.2009

Lot's of new puppy pictures in the gallery - also the first stacked pictures here...

Look Liberta's B puppies
Our 6 feet monster puppy... :)

Puppies 6 weeks old

Dinner time...


puppies one month old
Time to sleep...

MARUPE SHOW - 27.07.2009

Rego was entered for the show on Sunday so we went to see him on Thursday. Ayo and Ali came along and Rego was very happy to see and entertain us all! We have not met him for a year and he was as soft and outgoing as I hoped for, Ayo and Rego were having lot's of fun and I trained for 5 minutes with Rego and he was standing like a real professional. So far Rego has been an active hunting dog, his owners Viesturs takes him for hunting quite offten and he is doing great in his hobby. But we wanted to try more :)

The show weekend came and Rego was showed by my friend Dzintra - breed entry 12, judge Tîna Đulce, Latvia. Rego performed great won the class with Excellent 1! Later after long running he was placed as Best Male 2 with CAC - with this winning over champion and open class males at his first show! I was soo happy by the ringside :)

And Ariel represented us on the girls side - Ari also won the class with EXC 1 and placed as Best Bitch 1 and BOO today!!! Ariel mooved like a star and judge liked her a lot - Congratulations to you all - you are the best!

Happy sister and brother posing after the show :) Pictures here...

Ariel and Rego in Marupe


Puppies are 3 weeks old and are spending some time also outside. Ali is so fond of her little brothers and sisters - now she understands that they are puppies not just small whales in the whelping box :D Larss is taking an excellent nanny's role and Habi is taking great care of babies as always. Lot's of new puppy pictures...

3 weeks old

KANGELANI'S VISIT - 12.07.2009

Chango's owner Marit came to see Habi's and Chango's puppies and we also managed combine this trip with a nice show weekend - Marit had 2 adorable ridgebacks with her Thanzi and Gabi, who both gained Latvian and Estonian Champion titles to their merits!!!

11.07.2009 National Show in Valka (LV) - breed entry 8, judge Espen Engh, Norway. Only 3 EXC awarded with CQ. The weather was terrible - pooring rain, but we still got great results! Ariel Ari Liberta - EXC1 with Champion Quality and placed nicely Best Bitch 2 after Gaby! Thanzi BOB, Gaby BOO and both LV CH!!! Thanzi later also Best in Group!!! Brace from Gaby and Thanzi - BIS 2!!!

12.07.2009 National Show in Valga (EST) - breed entry 6, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumaki, Finland. Ayo EXC2, BM3. Sister Ariel EXC1, JCAC, Best Bitch 2, Best Junior and new Estonian and also Baltic Junior Champion!!!

Thanzi BOB, Gaby BOO and both also EST CH!!! Thanzi won the group and was placed Best in Show 3!!!! Amazing boy, isn't he!!!! Thanzi and Gaby also BIS 2 brace and Amalie 2nd with Thanzi in Child and dog competition!!!

We had a great weekend - fun, shows, great results and adorable puppies from Chango and Habi to cuddle in the evenings :) Have made many many pictures from Marit's time at our place - enjoy...

Winners in Valka & Valga


We were showing again and this time we conquered Poland for a change... In a great company we packed our car and drove all the way to Olsztyn (650km one way) in order to participate in National Show there. Breed entry 7, judge Elzbieta Sobieszczanska, PL.

Asadi Ari Liberta  -  EXC1, CWC, Best Male, BOB!

Alizeti Ari Liberta - EXC1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOO!

Ariel Ari Liberta - EXC1, CWC, Best Bitch 2!

My 3 adorable ridgebacks - Ali, Asadi and Ari!!! All three opened their Polish CAC accounts and we all feel really proud for the new golden medals! Unfortunately we did not manage to get to the group finals, but we promise to do it next time ;) Pictures of our trip can be found here...

PUPPY PICTURES - 3.07.2009

New puppy pictures in the gallery...

SHOW NEWS - 28.06.2009

Our ARI show team had a suprising show weekend in 4 different countries - sorry for the late entry here, but better later than never :)

Lovely livernosed girl Amber has some very nice news to share - she was shown in St.Petersburg - CAC show "Sirius"  20.06.2009, Breed entry 7, judge Marina Patrina, RU. Amber entered in intermediate class and was awarded with EXC1, CW (CAC), Best Bitch placement, BOO and also became Champion of Federation!!! Many congratulations to proud owners Galina and Andrey!



We went to Estonia - Parnu International show with Ali. Linards had not shown any dogs so far, just once Habi in puppy BIS competition, but sure, he has seen it million of times :)  Breed entry 15, judge Juhani Lappi, Finland. Alizeti won the intermediate class with EXC 1 and went also till BB2 placement with a Res CACIB which will be confirmed as CACIB as lovely Lotta is already INT CH!!! My sweet girl has already 2 CACIB's in a row at her pocket!!! Sooo proud and happy - it was a great gift to younger brothers and sisters at their birthday - so they learn how to do those things right from the first day!

Ali & Linards


Meanwile in Lithuania national show in Silute we had also 2 great representatives showing their best - Ariel and Asadi both in junior class. Both Ari and Asadi had their first show tehre one year ago, so I suppose it was a bit sentimental feeling going back there :) Breed entry 5, judge Maciej Kozber (Poland). Asadi was EXC 2, BM2 arghhhh those 2nd places just stick to him :) 

Ariel won the class with EXC1, BB2 and she won also the BOB junior placement! With this Ariel is also Lithuanian Junior Champion - CONGRATULATIONS to Vija and Ari - you are great!!!!


And we continued to show off also on Sunday - national show in Ogre was held just 5 minutes from our house and we had a great time. Judge Eva Jonsson, Sweden, breed entry 11 and only 2 excellents awarded and both to my ridges!!!

 Ayo competed in intermediate class with Janis, as it was nothing we could get at this show (in LV you are not allowed to take any CAC's untill it's one full after the first JCAC received) we were here only for the "big fish" :D Ayo was the only one male awarded with EXC, but no CQ so far.

Sisters Ali and Ari were both in junior class - Ariel was VG, too light for the judge but Alizeti won the class with EXC1, CQ (the only one today!!!), BB1 and also BOB at the top of it! . Of course I'm very proud of my kids - the only 2 EXC today and both mine :)


 And we went home, cuddled the puppies and came back for the finals in the evening. Group was judged again by Eva Jonsson and Alizeti won Best in Group today!!!!!! In the final BIS Ali was not in her mood anymore, so no placements, but I am more than happy of what we got - a fantastic weekend for little sunshine Ali - CACIB from EST and BIG from LV - amazing!!! Pictures here...

PUPPIES ARE HERE - 27.06.2009

Our lovely Habi is mommy to 9 adorable ridgeback puppies!!!

  • 4 correct males
  • 2 correct females
  • 3 multiple crown females (one livernosed)

All puppies are 650-500g big and with some white markings on the feet and chest within standart. No kinks, no DS. Unfortunately after couple of hours 2 absoultely correct stillborn female puppies were born, one of them was livernosed and the largest from all :( But this is life, we have the most adorable 9 puppies at our whelping box and this is the most important! Habi feels great, puppies are having plenty of milk and Habi is taking absolutely the best care of them!!! Little Ali is a bit confused, but she made a truly fantastic show weekend, I will write on it a bit later :)

A couple of show male puppies are available as well as one pet female, show girls are spoken for already. Feel free to enjoy the puppy gallery here... I will try to update it offten, but you must understand that it is much more tempting to sit in the whelping box and cuddle the little ones :)


The big day is getting very close, puppies could arrive any day or any night, so we are fully equipped and ready for the big event. Habi feels quite huge already, mostly sleeping in the shadow, not very typical for her, but the big belly makes the warm and Sunny days even harder, so we all hope to have nice puppy news very soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our June picture albums here...

SHOW NEWS AGAIN - 21.06.2009

Sunday morning Ilvija and Asadi picked us up with Ali and we drove a long way to almost Lithuanian and Polish border, our target was a national show in Marijampole and we really had a great trip! RR's were judged by Ramune Kazlauskaite and both Asadi and Ali were entered in junior class.

Asadi won it all today - this was his show from the beginning! Lithuanian Junior Winner JN, Best male and later also BOB junior and BOB for our handsome boy today!!! This is Asadi's 2nd LT JCAC and his first big BOB - very well deserved!

Alizeti also got what we were after - Lithuanian Junior Winner JN, 2nd Best Female and with this completing her Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Championship!!! Alizeti at the age of 17 months can wear a nice list of titles - LV, EST, LT, BALT JCH & FIN JW08 !!!

(Picture by Geste - thank you for Ali's lovely movement capturing!)

And both youngsters competed also in brace competition - and we did it - my both adorable ridgebacks Ali and Asadi were BEST IN SHOW BRACE !

Then the final entry - group 6 competition and again Asadi did a great job - Best in Group 3 for our young boy!!!

What a show and what a day - I am extremely happy for our achievements and many huge congratulations to Ilvija - Asadi was at his best and this we will keep from now on :)
Enjoy the picture report here...

BIS brace in Marijampole

DOUBLE CACIB SHOW - 13.06.2009

Lovely mommy to be in 2 weeks - Habi celebrated her 4th birthday on Saturday! And her kids made a wonderful present to their mother - can't wish for a better one! Our dream team participated at the double CACIB show in Riga and we all had a great time with excellent results - 5x class winners, new JCH, CACIB & RES CACIB...

dream team

Saturday, June 13 - judge Mania Andrzej, Poland.
Sunday, June 14 - judge Sigrid Jarmer, Austria.

Asadi was competing in junior class, and on both days ended up as EXC2 . So close - arghhh...

Our golden boy Ayo won intermediate class on both days with EXC1. On Saturday Ayo ended up as BM3 and on Sunday BM2 with RES CACIB!!! He really will show his power later on, I need to train a bit more with him to catch up with his trot :)

Lovely Ariel was standing like a real statuette, Vija and Ari have done a fantastic job in free stacking techniques - so proud of you both! And the judges saw it too - Ariel EXC1 on both shows and 2x JCAC with BB3 placement on both days. With this Ari completed her LV JCH title and became the 3rd Habi+Hony Junior Champion!!!

And Alizeti competed only on Sunday, but she did her best like always and YES - Alizeti won her class and all the other girls - BB1, CACIB and BOO!!! Ali's first CACIB is here - at the age of 16 months! Needless to say how proud and happy I was :)

Ali's 1st CACIB

Thank you to my dear friends and puppy owners - Vija, Ilvija & Janis you and your dogs make me proud more and more offten and I know will will do great things together!
Pictures here...


Time to visit Tallinn again, so Ali came with us and Asadi and Ariel joined us tin later. On the way Ali had a lot of fun at the seaside...

see fun

But ok, let's head to the show news - 26 RR's entered, judged by John Wauben, Netherlands. In Junior class 5 males entered, only 2 awarded with EXC and Asadi got many compliments along his conformation, but was placed EXC 2 this time.


Junior females 4 entered and Ariel performed very nice with Vija, judge complimented a lot, and EXC 2 as well, although at the BB placement he had to wonder and double check why Ariel was 2nd.


Alizeti was competing in intermediate class and like both her siblings also ended up as EXC 2 today :) So we can officially call this as EXC 2 show :)


But our dear friends and Malozi relatives did their best to win it all - handsome Malozi Jumoke BOB and later also BIG-1 and lovely Malozi Inyanga BOS!!!


BIIIIG congratulations to you all and thanks for a nice time like always :) Pictures here...

EURO WINNER SHOW - 31.05.20009

Lovely news from Euro Winner Show in Dublin - grandma of our ARI puppies Thembi won BOB veteran and adorable Kaktus won the huge open class!!!! Our best congratulations to Petra for such a great show again - so proud of you :)





We have great news - Habi and Chango had a successful date in Norway!!! Puppies are expected at the end of June - just one more month to go ...
Habi feels great and also very important now, no more playing with Ali as much as usual, mostly just relaxing in the sun, getting nicely tanned - it's still some time for such great things :) We are going for nice long walks, sometimes even without "duracell" Ali, so Habi can enjoy the Summer just with me. Ali thinks it's great that mommy Habi does not have that constant appetite at the moment, that's the benefit Ali appreciates most I think :) Stay tuned for a lovely PUPPY SUMMER!!!


RR WALK IN SIGULDA - 15.05.2009

We had a fantastic walk in Sigulda with 4 adorable ridgebacks this Saturday! We all had so much fun running up and down the hills in the National Park and the river Gauja is really so beautiful at all seasons - a fantastic place to spend the day with the whole family! Enjoy our pictures here, but better - arrange something like this for you and your dog for the next weekend :)

Lovely Ayo...

GRANDKITTENS - 14.05.2009

Kika's grandkittens visited us! Enjoy the pictures of 3 months old devonrex kitties!
Faron on the hunt for his new Family...

TRIP TO NORWAY - 4.05.2009

Finally the time was right for our trip to Norway!!! Our boys stayed at home, Ali with our friends and we packed the car and booked a ferry to Stockholm. It was Habi's first trip with the ferry where she could come upstairs and really see the ship and it was fun for us all! Weather was great, so we went to have some sun, in the evening had a bit of fun and on the next morning arrived in Stockholm. Then all day of of long driving (1024km) till late in the evening we reached Stavanger and met Chango and his wonderful family. Habi and Chango loved each other from the first moment, smile, games, fun and ... (dot, dot, dot - that's what they did in the olden times (c-r "Mamma Mia":))

We were staying at Chango's place and as Marit needed to work on the next day we had a long and lovely walk in Stavanger - plenty of pictures taken and a very nice feeling. In the evening we all had a cozy evening at Marit's place, sweet ridgebacks, lovely talks, a bit of Martini and so much fun :)))

Next day we headed to Chango's breeder's place, Tonje owns so many fantastic black horses, even though I am not a horse person ( I just have not had the experience with them) they looked very impressing. I was so happy to meet Tonje's ridgebacks - fantastic mother of Chango - Sariba, she was as georgeous as I expected her to be. Tonje was telling that she just needed to come to the show as everyone was telling - oh, Sariba is here, so the winner is now clear :) Lovely girl - thanks a lot for your time Tonje!

After we headed to the beach where Thanzi, Grace and Chango had a lot of fun and we also had a bit of pictures taken again of Marit's adorable ridgebacks!!! Chango insisted that he needs to find Habi again, he was sniffing me and Linards constantly - just in case someone of us has hidden Habi in the pocket :))) And then they saw each other again - so fingers crossed for little Chabbies at the end of June.

On the next morning we left Marit's lovely house and drove back to Sweden, IKEA was on the way and we had a very empty car, so we changed that a bit as usual :) The way back was a pleasure as well and I am so happy we had such a great trip - Marit - thank you so much for everything, it was a true pleasure meeting you all and we hope to see you soon here!
Habi in Norway

Pictures here...

SPECIALTY - 19.04.2009

Group 6 show was held in Riga and we participated as good as we could! Asadi and Areta both were entered in intermediate class as they are already 15 months and 4 days old, this was the first possible chance to compete for the CAC - and we got one! Breed entry 12 and judge Rui Oliveira from sunny Portugal.

Asadi - Excellent 2 and Champion quality prize (judge prefered smaller ridgebacks).

Ariel - Excellent 1, JCAC, BOO JUN, Best Bitch 1 and BOO!!!

Areta - Excellent 1, CAC, Best Bitch 2!

Brace competition Asadi and Ariel - BEST IN SHOW 2!!!

What a day with JCAC, CAC and BIS-2 brace - what a nice show again!!! Many thanks for the great day, it was so nice to see you all again :) Picture report here...


EASTER FUN - 15.04.2009

Lovely Easter Monday and 2 great RR boys Ayo + Trevors came to our place with their family members and we all had a great afternoon with sun, grilled meat and slow talks! Check the pictures here...

Girls dancing Tango!!!

COCO KITTENS - 10.04.2009

We visited our curly grandkittens - 4 lovely selkirk rex kittens. Coco is a great mom and all 4 babies were cute and loved to entertain us and themselves in the best ways. Lovely and curly Albert is a promissing show boy - still looking for a proper home, feel free to ask more info from owner Maija! It was a great time and we wish all the best for the lovely babies and their new families :)

SPRING IS HERE - 5.04.2009

We had a lovely Saturday morning at the park with our dog friends, I went there with Ariel as I wanted to have some fun with her outside dog shows, and it was a perfect choice! Whippets ruled this time with 3 adults and 2 lovely Jesper babies, then we had 2x RR girls - Ariel and Pepija and 2x Labradors - Odins and Lotte - from Teodori. The sun was shining, dogs were happy, we did a bit of practicing for shows and it was a great fun for everyone - and finally I can say it loud - Spring is here too! Enjoy the gallery...

Lovely Ariel

FOOLS DAY - 1.04.2009

Happy All Fool's Day!!! Wishing lot's of fun to everyone - Ali, Habi and all of us :)

All Fools day... :)


Spring is coming closer and we had our Spring show already this weekend - Latvian Winner Show 2009. Our Malozi friends joined us on Friday and we had a wonderful time - as usual! Habi was sooooooo happy to see Jumo again, she definitely likes him a lot and I understand why :) Ridgebacks were judged by Per Iversen, Norway, breed entry 21. Judge was very strict and many dogs got VG's or "plain EXC" - without CQ. Junior class was the largest - 5 males and 4 bitches.

Ayo had a lovely show mood, even though his last show was in December, and he had a very nice critique with  - EXC 2 and promotion prize. Judge preferred larger males.

Brother Asadi - very good, too small as well :)

And sister Ariel was a bit suspicious as it was her first show without the owners there, I handled her and we got very nice compliments on her conformation, but we just need to have a bit more ring training together - EXC 2.

As handsome Malozi Jumoke entered the ring it was sure he is THE ONE - Noora and Jumo won it all - BM1, CAC, CACIB, Latvian Winner 2009, BOB & GROUP-1!!!
Too bad that Noora and Jumo needed to leave on Sunday and could not participate in the BIS. But we had a great time - fantastic cheesecake from Ariel's family, fancy champagne from Jumo, big dinner from Linards and a great company from us all :) Thanks a lot for everything and it was fun having you all here! Picture report here...

WINTER PICTURES - 19.03.2009

Winter is not leaving, we still have lot's of snow and even though sometimes the sun shines, it still feels like Winter - therefore 2 new Winter galleries added :) At and arround home and visiting our friends at Teodori...


GRANDKITTENS - 18.03.2009

All our E-kittens have found lovely homes, all are living near Riga, all have wonderful kids at home to play with, Eiro also has a big brother Fridis to speak to in the cat language :) We are very happy for our kittens and hope to get some pictures up and now.

But we have also 2 "grandiktten" litters - more info here...

devon rex kittens


 Selkirk rex kittens

NEW PICTURES - 28.02.2009

Some picture apdates - Ayo having fun with sister Ali and mommy Habi and lovely brothers Asadi and Ayo running at full speed on the snow one fantastic and sunny Winter day! Ridgebacks are the best - happy me and my RR team :)

My adorable ridgebacks

AYO LT JCH - 22.02.2009

Our lovely boy Ayo is staying with us as his owner Janis is on snowboarding vocation in Japan :) We are enjoying his company a lot and even had a nice trip to Lithuania today. Ayo did his best to prove that he really is a superb show dog - Ayo added another title today to his merits! Hi is now also Junior Champion of Lithuania with  BOB and BIG-2 in Panevezhus CAC show! Check the gallerie for more and show results apdated too!

KITTEN NEWS - 20.02.2009

Our girls have become grandma's last week - Amrei's daughter COCO gave birth to 4 adorable Selkirk rex babies and Kika's daughter DAFNE is having the joy of adorable 3 devon rex kitties! Our best congratulations to both families and if you are interested in the kitten feel free to contact me for more details!

Also our wonderful kitty girls Ella and Elfa are looking for the right homes to purr in the lap - Ella is totally sure of her beauty and is very calm and gentle and her little sister Elfa is a little funny kitty girl - constatnly having fun with her own tale, if not her own then any other is fine - sister's, mommy's, Habi's or Ali's :) You will not get bored waching her playing and jumping in the air of the joy - fantastic girl with extremly playful temperament. New pictures added in the kitten gallerie and feel free to contact me if you have more questions  - or +371 29299668.

PUBLICITY - 12.02.2009

Some new articles on our lovely RR girls and related things published this month - take a look here...

And we had a lovely Spring feeling a couple oi days ago, therefore enjoy the new gallerie... Don't be scared, we had -10C for a very long time and ice is safe to walk on :)


Our curly Selkirk rex E-kittens are 10 weeks old and new gallery for you... Enjoy! Kittens are getting even more curly, whiskers are long and lovely and Habi and Ali are taking great care of them too!

  Kittens 10 weeks old

KITEEN PICTURES - 29.01.2009

Lot's of new kitten picures under galleries...  New pictures also at the E- kitten page and Valentine's day is not far anymore... :)

PUBLICITY - 21.01.2009

Our lovely Habi and Ali posing in the article of dog wear in the largest weekly magazine in Latvia - "Ieva". And Nina and her lovely E-kittens is a model in the cat article!

Zurnals Ieva 21.01.2009

PUPPY PARTY - 17.01.2009

We managed to arrange a small puppy party for some of our RR family members and friends - thank you all so much for coming and I hope to meet the others very soon too ;) Pictures of our first puppy party in 2009 you will find here...

Puppy party
Habi, Ali, Asadi and Ariel ready to party...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - 14.01.2008

Our dear Habi+Hony puppies are celebrating their first birthday today!!! All 12 puppies are having new pictures in the puppy page...  All puppies are having the best homes with active owners and plenty of entertainment and duties to take care of. Out of 9 show puppies 7 puppies have been shown and we have gained 5 titles already! I am so proud - may we continue in the same way also in the future! Have a great celebration and we will see you all soon!

KITTEN PAGE - 11.01.2009

At last some udates for the kitten page - all 4 curly kitties are doing fantastic, having fun with dogs, teasing and hunting dog's tales, if they wake up and look surprised, then it is time to hide very quickly under the table or sofa, so dogs get even more surprised - who was it?!?... :) We are having great fun - it's always such a fantastic feeling watching little babies growing. Mommy Nina is doing a great job! 2 new galleries added of parents as well, and 2 promissing show girls are still available for suitable homes!


Our curly kitties are big - Kika teaches them how to run the crazy speeds at the house, Habi teaches them how to be loved by dogs, she always waches them and if anyone needs to have a cleening help - Habi will do that immediately :) Ali is not sure yet, if playing is really a thing you could do with those tiny ones that run all around the house but Nina tries to give her best orders to keep some order. Some kittens are still availale for reservations - feel free to ask me for more information - and - what a surprise - they can leave our house on the Valentine's Day :) Enjoy the new pictures!