NEW GALLERIES - 30.12.2008

Me and Ali having snow fun on the hill

Sisiters having winter fun

Merry Christmas

RR team

New Winter pictures and also at last the picture report from the Finnish Winner Show!

AMONDI'S FIRST JCAC - 21.12.2008

Amondi is Habi's puppy who lives in Lithuania and it was time for this lovely boy to start the show carrier - and he did wonderful! Even though I could not speak Lithuanian to him, food was the best motivation for lovely Amondi and we managed to get very nice results - Amondi Ari Liberta EXC 1 (2/11), JCAC, JN, BOB Junior and BM-3!!! Really great start - many congratulations to the proud owners!

FINNISH WINNER - 14.12.2008

What a day we had... I still can't believe we did it, but it is true and we really had a FABULOUS show in Helsinki! We went with Alizeti and Ayo to Habi's homeland to meet our wonderful Malozi relatives and spend a truly awesome day with all our friends at the prestigious Finnish Winner Show in Helsinki. Both Ali and Ayo were competing in junior class and both of them won the classes - thus gaining titles Junior Finnish Winners 2008 and qualifying for Cruft's 2009-10! In the finals both youngsters even managed to get the reserve CAC and this all at the age at 11 months - I am high in the sky and even more...

BOB and CAC  was Kangelanis Gentle Thanzi By Clay (Nor), BOS Malozi Jazua (Fin), CAC bitches Rex Ventors Jamila (SW). Res CAC's our young Ayo Ali Liberta and Alizeti Ari Liberta. BOB Breeder kennel Malozi!!! Judge was Arne Foss from Norway and breed entry 47. Thank you all for the support and absolutely fantastic day! Our best congratulations to all winners and especially to Tuija - you are THE BEST! Pictures will follow soon.

GOLDEN BOY AYO - 5.12.2008

We had a great show weekend again, packed our car and drove to Liepaja - a lovely city by the see. Although the beginning was not very nice - our car was crushed in Riga, but it's just a car, so we changed the car and drove to the city "where the wind was born". We stayed at our "cat relatives" and had a lot of fun with cute Dafne, this charming little lady is a true spirit :) We took a fantastic evening walk in the city, had a tea at a rock cafe and went back home to Dafne. Many thanks for the hospitality!

It was Liepaja national show, 11 RR's entered and judged by Antonio Di Lorenco - Italy. 4 males entered in jun class, Asadi was absent (Ilvija - get better soon) but Ayo did his best to prove that he is a real winner! Ayo was the only one in JUN class awarded with EXC and he won it all -EXC1, PP, JCAC, BM1. With this he became Junior Champion of Latvia!!! Ayo is already second junior champion from Habi & Hony puppies and not even 11 months old!

There were 4 girls in junior class, Ariel was EXC2, just a tiny bit away from the needed JCAC, but we will work on that for sure! And our golden boy continued to show with a style Ayo also BOB!!! Then the long waiting for the finals and it was worth it Ayo ARI LIBERTA - BIG 3!!! Many congratulations to the proud owner Janis! Pictures here...

WINTER FUN - 28.11.2008

A couple of days ago we had a fantastic winter with loads of white and soft snow, naturally I took my camera with me and made some pictures of ridgebacks having fun... 
One  week before we had the annual dog party in Riga - we meet our best dog driends each year on November 18 to celebrate Bronis birthday and this year it was as great as always -  14 dogs and 15 people at the party...

KITTENS - 22.11.2008

We have great and absolutely curly cat news - our first 100% curly selkirk rex E-litter has arrived on November 22! Sweet Nina gave birth to 4 adorable kitties - 3 girls and 1 boy,  all curly, shorthaired and sooooooooo cute... :) Two girls look tabby and one male and female are blue so far, Nina is taking super care of them all and I wil try to put more info on the kittens and parents in the nearest future! First pictures here... Inquiries welcome -

WINNING MORE - 16.11.2008

Tadaa, my little superstar Ali won her 4th JCAC in a row in Riga INT show "Zooekspoo" - now she is already LV & EST JCH, just LT more to go for BALT! And this all so quickly - she is just 10 months and 2 days old, I am so impressed!!! But let' start from the beginning. 

Today's judge was Horst KLIEBENSTEIN, DE.  He measured all dogs, also the puppies. We are all in super limits, not too small and not too big. 23 RR's entered, 4 males and 8 girls in jun class - a big competition, so even more interesting. 
Sweet boy Ayo entered the ring with the joy as always and got EXC1, PP, JCAC, and finished as BM2! Asadi 2nd this time, but I'm SOOOO proud of them both :))) Just a bit more experience and they will become stars for sure!

Alizeti was in a show mood as well - EXC1 of 8 (only 4 got EXC) PP, JCAC and also BB2. BOB bitch was INT CH so no one got reserve and also the CAC was left out this time as none of intermediate or open bitches got EXC.
Ariel did great as well - she was EXC2, PP and BB3!!!

Oh boy, winning 2 days in a row was sooo great! Thank you all for your great work and we will continue in the same way! Pictures here... 

GROUP 6 SHOW - 15.11.2008

We had our specialty - group 6 show in Riga and 15 RR's participated. Judge was Nijole Zieniene LT - we did exactly as great as we hoped for and even  a bit more...There were 3 males in junior class and 5 females.  This was Ayo's 2nd show and he did enjoy the show already!
Ayo - EXC1, PP , JCAC, BOO Junior and BM3!
Asadi - EXC2 in Jun class.
Alizeti - EXC1, PP, JCAC, BOB Junior, BB1, BOB and BIS-5 Junior in show!
Areta - VG, needs to get more confidence.
You can imagine my joy - bouth JCAC's went to our dogs, so did BOB junior and also the big BOB!!! Pictures here...


TARTU SHOW NEWS - 8.11.2008

Ridgebacks in Tartu international show was judged by Arne Foss, Norway, breed entry 11. It was Ali's show again - our 9 months old girl showed herself fantastic - Ali won junior class out of 2, went to BOB Junior and also BB2 with this winning 2 CH class females - including mommy Habi (EXC3 in CH class)! BOS went to Malozi Inyanga - we are always proud of our relatives :) Thanks for a great company! Ali did not stay for Junior BIS competition, but rather prefered to go home this time :)


What a fantastic weekend, 3 days of klickertraining, handling and having fun with all our dog friends and with the most entertaining dog trainer in the World - Mr. Gerard O'Shea! It was more than great to see you all and it was so much fun, at the advanced handling class we were changing the dogs and I got the cute English Mastiff - Arnold  and he mooved like a dream!!! It was a super weekend and a fantastic course - thank you all! If we are lucky Gerard might come to do the anatomy workshop in Riga this Spring... Let's see, but meanwhile, enjoy the pictures here...

HANDLING COURSE - 28.10.2008

Courses with Gerard O'Shea in Riga already this weekend! This is going to be the final course in Riga, so be sure to come in order to hear how to become a true winning team and how to use shaping and clickertraining in order to shape your dog's behaviour in your prefered direction. Information for participants here... 

  • Friday, October 31, 18.30-21:00 - a lecture on clickertraining, we wil learn how to shape behaviour and this works great not only for dogs!
  • Saturday, November 1, 13:00-17:00 and Sunday November 2, 10:00-13:00 basic handling course - a great choice for anyone interested in dog shows.
    Sunday, November 2, 17:00-21:00 - advanced handling course.

See you all soon and let's have a great time :) 
Any questions or reservations -  or +371 29299668.

SHOW RESULTS - 19.10.2008

Just a couple of days ago our ARI LIBERTA puppies turned 9 months old and this weekend we had the first entry in junior class and we did GREAT!!!!!

18.10.2008 National show in Valmiera, Latvia. Ridgebacks and Group 6 were judged by Tamara Sarmont (BY), breed entry 11.
Asadi- EXC 1, JCAC and BM-2!
Ayo- EXC 2 and BM-3 in his first show!

Alizeti - EXC 1, JCAC,  BB-1, BOB and tadaaaa also BIG - 3 !!!!

My trully happy winning jumps can not be seen in the picture - but I was more than amazingly happy for our win!

Liberta RR dream team - Ayo, Ali and Asadi - all  are handled by the owners professionally.

19.10.2008 National show in Sialuliai, Lithuania. Ridgebacks wre judged by Renata Petkevičiene (LT), breed entry 9 (4 females and all 4 in junior class).
Asadi- EXC 1, JCAC N and BM-3!
Alizeti- EXC 2 and BB-2!

What a great start in the junior class, both Ali and Asadi opened their JCAC accounts in the first possible show, Asadi even managed to win at 2 countries in one weekend! I am so proud of our puppies and so grateful for my puppy owners showing their dogs so professionally - Gerard O'Shea is definately the greatest teacher in the World :) Stay tuned and thanks to everyone for a great weekend! Show results updated...

PLANNED PUPPIES - 15.10.2008

I am so excited to announce that we are planning our next Rhodesian Ridgeback litter for Spring/Summer 2009 !!!!! More details on both gorgeous parents Habi + Minos and our expectations from this combination you will find under puppy page...

AUTUMN IN SIGULDA - 12.10.2008

Sigulda in Autumn is a classic place to go for a hike, we had a great company - enjoy Autumn feeling together with 3 fantastic ridgebacks - Habi, Ali and Ayo...


We had the great possibility to attend Gerard's anatomy seminar for 3 days in Helsinki - it was great! Pictures here...

And I would like to remind that Gerard O'Shea from Sweden is having the final course in Riga very soon -  Octobrer 31 till Novembrer 2!  We will have lecture on klickertraining and 2 handling courses - basic and advanced! Don't miss the final course in Riga - it is not only enetertaining but also so valuable for everyone involved in shows and dogs! More information and registration here...


This was our 2nd show trip by air and the beginning was quite tough this time - Habi's registration was completed 3 minutes too late and we were asked to purchase a new ticket for another flight, but this made us even stronger - no gain without the pain :) We arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday, met Tuija there and went to Ballerup. Straight from the train we went to the show place and watched the finals. And we bought the catalogue - 37 RR's entered and 9 bitches in open class from Denmark, Sweden and Norway - tough competition for sure! Next morning was very nice and sunny, not rainy like predicted on the weather forecast, so we headed to the show and met Nada and her team there. RR's were judged by Hans Van Den Berg, NL - it was great to see what he thinks of Habi now, 2 years later after the Best in Show Junior placement in World Winner 2006. And he still liked Habi a lot! The critique -

Very nice in type, very nice in size, bone and substance, lovely head shape, good ear set, nice eye, excellent front and rear, level top line, good croup, I like her a lot, very good on the move.

Habi was professionally handled by Tuija - it was so nice to be there with you this time, as I did not see the WW win at that time with my own eyes :) Habi and Tuija won the open class with EXC 1, DK CAC and a resCACIB, which will be confirmed as CACIB - so becoming NEW DANISH CHAMPION!!! And this is Habi's 10th CH title - really worth celebrating :) But the only restaurant in Ballerup was closed and the only other option was McDonalds... Oh, Ballerup - you really need to open another restaurant on Sundays :P Well - I was soooo proud of Habi and enormously happy for the result of the trip - we really got everything what we were after and my dream girl has done it again - Tuija you are the best - thank you so much!!!

More pictures here...

CAT NEWS - 14.09.2008

Finally some cat news as well for a change - Kika's lovely daughter Daffodil came to see us and participated in her first cat show. Also her sweet and big brother Dante was there - both turned one year old this month.  FIFe cat shows are famous for big entries - 21 devon rexes participated this time and little Dafne won her class with a CAC at her very first show!!! Brother Dante won his class on Sunday as well - so I'm very proud kitten grandma :) Pictures here...


Finally pictures from our great Summer handling course with Gerard O'Shea are ready and published here!!! Gerard's next course (and probably also last one for a while) in Riga is planned Oct 31- Nov 2. More information here...

SHOW UPDATES - 08.09.2008

New page published   A team's show results  and   Habi's show results   updated as well. Congratulations to Asadi for another puppy BOB in Kaunas, and I hope next time you will stay for the finals :) Another Habi puppy Areta had a debut in the show ring, she also competed in the junior handing competition and was 3rd in her group! Congratulations to all and this is almost it in the puppy class - 5 puppies shown and lot's of puppy BOB's in the pocket :)

BYE BYE SUMMER - 31.08.2008

There is nothing more beautiful than many ridgebacks running happily by the sea and enjoying sun and sand in full speed - so we called our RR friends and went out to have fun by the sea...


During our morning walks I have noticed that Summer definately is going to the end, the feeling in the mornings is much more like in Autumn already, very early this year. Enjoy our foggy morning walk and later also some posing in the garden... pictures here...

SUPPORT GEORGIA - 11.08.2008

Just a few months ago we were there, it feels so much more personal especially after receiving sms from our friend Roma in Tbilissi. It is getting worse there every day, Russian troops are in Tbilissi already and local people are in real danger and it is happening not 100 years ago, but NOW!!! I can't believe this. So we all went to support Georgia in the manifest in Riga with white roses - more than 3000 people participated. Ali came with us, as her mom Habi is the Champion of Georgia -take a look and please help to talk about this in your country! We all can help them with purchasing Georgian products - wine, Borjomi, Natahtari soft drinks. Let's support as much as we can and send the best thoughts over!

CROATIA - 11.08.2008

We had a fantastic trip to Croatia - great company and 4 night shows for our dogs - a great reason to drive more than 2000km one way :) Dog people are crazy, but I love to go on such trips, it is a great thing to combine pleasure and a bit of "work" too. We spent a lot of time doing sightseeing, so lot's of pictures to enjoy...

And the shows were very sussessful as well -

24.07. CAC Split, judge: Petru Muntean (RO), breed entry: 21
- Habi OPEN EXC-1, CAC
Alizeti PUPPY P-1

25.07. CACIB Split, judge: Andrew Brace (UK), breed entry: 22
Alizeti PUPPY VP-1, BOB puppy

26.07. CAC Split, judge: Per Iversen (N), breed entry: 22
- Habi OPEN EXC-1, CAC
Alizeti PUPPY VP-2

27.07. CACIB Split, judge: Mile Aleksoski (MK), breed entry: 21
- Habi OPEN EXC-1
-Alizeti PUPPY VP-1, BOB puppy

Now we just need to wait one more year to pass and then we can come back for the last needed CAC to finish the Croatian CH title!

ALIZETI BIS 4 PUPPY - 3.08.2008

We went on a fantastic show trip to Croatia in July, the report will follow shortly. Meanwhile Ali's latest win in Rezekne national show - BOB puppy with Promotion prize and also puppy BIS 4 in the finals!!! Judge Mr. Sedyh, Russia, breed entry 4. Nice and sunny photos from the show here...

Ali was BOB puppy at Ogre national show as well, Asadi striked 2 pupy BOB's in Marupe national, so a lot of things to update, not even mentioning the results in Croatian night shows.. stay tuned :)

FIRST PUPPY BOB - 14.07.2008

Alizeti had her first puppy show in Estonia and it went very nice, Ali showed herself so professional, it was a pleasure being with her in the ring. Judge was Lavinia Steer and he placed Ali as BOB puppy with PP and in the critique the last sentence was "temperamentfull movements" - Ali really enjoyed this show. And also I would like to send my biggest happy birthday wishes to our puppies which are 6 months old today - I hope to see you all in Gerard's class! Still possible to join the handling class on Friday and Saturday +371 29299668 or for more information!

WORLD WINNER - 7.07.2008

We had a fabulous time in Stockholm - Malozi gang had some outstanding results during the wonderful WW trip - check Tuija's site for detailed info! And I ejoyed to be at the show with my camera -  a few pictures to enjoy...

SHOW NEWS - 28.06.2008

Habi's puppies are 5 months old already and we decided to try out the show grounds in a nice company - Asadi and Ariel headed to Lithuanian CAC show in Silute and we joined them with Alizeti on Sunday...

Saturday, June 28 - judge Henryk Stepka, Poland and breed entry 3. 
Asadi - BOB baby puppy and very promising.

Ariel - BOO baby puppy and also very promising :)

Sunday, June 29 - judge -Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania, breed entry 3. 
Both sisters Ariel and Alizeti competed in the baby class and both were very promising and Ariel finished as 1st with baby puppy BOB :) I'm very happy for the nice time we spent and we will continue in the same way and even better :)))

And on Saturday in Estonia we met our relatives Malozi Jumoke and Malozi Jasirika at the CACIB show in Parnu - and they did great again - both became EST CH and Jumo BOO with CACIB and Musca R.CACIB! BOB and BIG 4 went to Parnu girl Lotta. Congratulations to new EST Champions and see you all in Stockholm soon ;)


New page added - current puppy pictures... Puppies are 5 months old now, preparing for first dog shows, learning a lot - agility, obedience, some hunting and still having plenty of fun all the time :)

Habi, Ariela, Alizeti and Ayo

FUN BY THE SEA - 7.06.2008

Handsome boy Asadi invited us to spend a super nice evening by the sea - and we did gave a wonderful time with lot's of pictures :)

2ND PUPPY MEETING - 6.06.2008

Last weeek we had a great puppy meeting again - it was so nice to see how puppies have developed and owners could share their point of view of growing little ridgies at home. We also talked a lot on the upcoming shows and trainings, well there are many new things to come up soon, so we better get prepared on time :) Pictures here...


We are on holidays in the warm and welcoming Georgia and one of our trip goals was to participate in the CACIB show "Caucasian Winner 2008" in Tbilissi - and we did more than great!!! It was the first show to  Habi after maternity leave and puppies are just 4 months old, but Habi is great as always and we proudly can say that Habi is really back in the showrings again :) Malozi Habiba - BOB, 2x CAC, CACIB, Caucasian Winner 2008, now also Champion of Georgia, Azerbaijan, both Kennel Clubs, and also BIG-1 !!!

Latvian team performed more than great - we swipped the tables - 6x CACIB, RES CACIB, 3x BIG-1, 2x BIG-2, BIS-3 & Queen of the show!!! Congratulations to all and million thanks to our suport team back home!

Now we will continue to enjoy the wonderful vocation here untill May 24 and later on millions of pictures will follow :)


Thanks to Ryanair I could not resist and flew over to see Habi's sisters puppies at Tuija's place. It was so nice to spend all day cuddling little ridgies - they are fantastic!!!  One month old already and having constant fun if not asleep :P Pictures here...

ROMANCE IN THE AIR - 7.05.2008

Malozi Inyanga  came to visit us last week, well actually she came to visit Malozi Juburu - and they had a fabulous date by the sunset on the beach... You can not wish for any more romance :)

TRAINING NEWS - 4.05.2008

Training with Gerard O'Shea was fantastic!!! We had a woderful lecture on klickertraining and 2 great handing classes - than you all for participating and enjoy the pictures from the course here...   Gerard is coming back in 2 months July 18-20, we will have one basic and one advaced level handing course in Riga. Million thanks to Gerard for his time and knowledge and let's continue the work at home so we can meet all in July then :)


The most popular dog trainer in Europe - Gerard O'Shea from Sweden is coming back to Riga soon - for the first time we will have a lecture with demonstrations how to use positive reinforcement training for everyday purposes. And his well known handling course will follow the next day - be sure to register in advance!

NEW PICTURES - 27.04.2008

Habi-Hony babies are 3.5 months old already and have started to become more and more educated :) Me and Ali have started baby agility lessons together with Ayo, Asi and Asadi - so it's a pleasure seeing my active puppy owners so often now! Habi has also restarted agility and bicycling too, we need to get back on show scene soon and sure, we are spending lot's of time on the sunny terrace just doing nothing - this is the best part of the day usually :D This time 3 new galleries added for you ~ Aisha having fun with Ali ~~ Pepija and Floja visiting us ~~ Habi and Ali visiting Ariela ~

PUPPY MEETING - 19.04.2008

We had a lovely afternoon party  with our fantastic puppy owners - it was so great to see you all again! And babies are so big already - and so clever, cute, adorable and sweet! I still could recognise them all and I'm very happy we had such a great time together! Many thanks to Sanita and Dzintra for bringing big and small dogs for socialization and I truly hope to see you all again very soon! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! 

PUPPIES 3 MONTHS OLD - 14.04.2008

Our puppies are 3 months old already - have a great party today :) And we have two new galleries - having fun with beagles and a nice puppy fun in our garden...

FAMILY MEMBERS - 8.04.2008

LIBERTA Family is much larger now - we have so many great friends and our puppies have the best owners in the world!!! We have started to plan a puppy meeting, but we will meet anyway in the handling course with Gerard O'Shea :)

ASADI PICTURES - 5.04.2008

Asadi came to visit us this week! Pictures here... And we send our best congratulations to Habi's sister Aura, breeder Tuija and owner Anna for the fast arrival of 8 fantastic puppies - Habi is a very proud aunt and I can't wait to see them in May :)

PICTURE UPDATES - 30.03.2008

All our puppies are growing big, learning new things and spending plenty of time with their new owners. Ayo has come to visti us for 2 weeks as his owner has gone for snowboarding holidays, so we are having a bit more puppy fun again. And cute Ariel (my co-owned girl) came to visit us on Saturday - all 3 puppies had plenty of fun. Enjoy our new pictures  - 
Habi and Alizeti...
Alizeti, Ayo and Ariel - 3 great puppies...
Habi and Golden Retriever Rentis having fun in the snow...

9 WEEKS - 28.03.2008

Pictures from our cuties at the age of 9 weeks... All puppies have mooved to their new homes - we wish you all good luck and we hope to see you all soon - Spring is in the ear and Summer is close :) 


Almost all our puppies have mooved to their new homes - red girl Alizeti stays with us and Aisha is waiting for her new family to visit us next week :) So now we can add some pictures from the time as all babies were here - for begining some pictures taken at 8 weeks. Garden fun... and sleeping pictures...

LATVIAN WINNER - 19.03.2008

This weekend was a great one - Malozi team took it all from Latvian Winner Show and it was so deserved!!! Just have a look what a success - BIS 2 for Malozi Gimli, BIS breeder, BIS 2 brace, 2x CACIB & 2x RES CACIB... Tuija, you are the best and it was great to have you all here M-girls :) Enjoy -pictures from RR ring and pictures from the finals...

SNOW BACK AGAIN - 18.03.2008

I have tonns of puppy pictures to update, first  enjoy the last ones - taken today ...

SOME UPDATES - 6.03.2008

Stacked pictures of 7 weeks added in a seperate page. Little babies are already big and next week they start to leave for their new homes - I have enjoyed every minute of our puppy time and for me it is gone much too quick... I'm very happy that one of the girls will stay with us and little hartbreaker Asadi will stay co-owned :) Tuija is coming in a week, so we will know then for sure which girl stays with us. And Habi's sister Aura is expecting puppies in April - all our fingers crossed for you girls :) One of our excellent show girls and one pet girl is still available for loving homes -



Hony's owner Petra came to spend the whole weekend with our cute puppies and we had a lot of puppy fun and as a result we have adorable puppy pictures... All pictures taken by Petra - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Million hugs to proud daddy and hope to see you soon again :) 
Puppies at home...  
Puppies having fun outside...
Stacked pictures and portraits at 7 weeks...

LOTS OF NEW PICS - 28.02.2008

Many new galleries added - puppies are so fond of their first dog friends and they are very patient so puppies are learning many valuable things and it was a very big surprise for puppies that they realized how great are hairy dogs like goldens - walking toys :D Hony's owner Petra is coming to visit us tomorrow and we will try to get some new stacked pictures. Also new gallery of portraits added - enjoy!

NEW GALLERIES - 24.02.2008

Puppies are growing so quickly :) Enjoy our gallery of Week 5 and stacked pictures taken at 5 weeks and 6 days...


Our puppies have got their first stacked pictures at the age of 4 weeks and days! Tuija came to visit us again and we had a great time again - thank you so much!!! Pictures were taken by Dzintra - enjoy!

NEW PICTURES - 14.02.2008

Happy Valentines!!!  New pictures again - 2 new galleries added of our puppies -4 weeks and one month...  Today babies went out for some seconds for the 1st time and afterwards we had a one a party - with lot's of balls, fun and games :)

WEEK 3 PICTURES - 12.02.2008

Sorry for delay - enjoy our puppies at the age of 3 weeks :) This weekend Habi's breeder Tuija is coming to see us again and then we hope that Dzintra will help us with our first stacking pictures... Otherwise puppies are doing wonderful - having lot's of fun all the time! Few of puppies are still available and others are hoping to meet new families soon again! Unfortunately we have problems with webcam at the moment as puppies think cords are a great thing to chew so we have to think of a new technical support... Real visitors always are very much welcome! Hope to see you soon ;)

GERARD'S COURSE - 11.02.2008

We had a wonderful course again - 2 days of great fun, real entertainment and awesome handling training! It was wonderful, we hope to see Gerard back again soon! The next course might be held in Spring and there is one planned also in 18-20th July, feel free to enter early enough. Pictures from the class and interviews in magazines Privata Dzive and Astes will follow shortly.

FIRST PORTRAITS - 31.01.2008

Enjoy the first portrait pictures of 2 weeks old ridged cuties... We are experiencing some problems with the webcam at the moment, but we hope to get back on-line soon! Also gallery of the puppy's 2nd week added - enjoy :) Million thanks to Baiba for the wonderful pictures!!!

PUPPIES 2 WEEKS OLD - 28.01.2008

Our puppies 2 weeks old already, therefore some updates in the puppy page.  

10 DAYS OLD PUPPIES - 24.01.2008

Our big RR babies are 10 days old and most have started to open their eyes already - they look so cute - most watching just with one at the moment :) And they can walk already too, very funny moving from side to the other, falling, rolling and starting again - this is amazing how cute they are! Enjoy our new pictures ...

WEBCAM - 21.01.2008

We have puppy webcam installed!!! Enjoy our sweet babies live ;) The cam won't be on all day long, but most of the day time we will try to show you our sweeties growing bigger and stronger. Habi's breeder Tuija visited us this weekend and we had a very nice time again, Tuija checked all babies for DS and we are clear!!!

PUPPY NEWS - 17.01.2008

New page made for our adorable Habi + Hony puppies here...
And enjoy new pictures of our 12 cuties!  Feel free to check the puppy gallery up and now, new pictures will be added often :) All babies are gaining weight nicely, are eating lot's of milk and Habi is the best mother ever possible - I'm so proud  of her! And I'm spending most of my day sitting by the puppy box - it is amazing how quickly they grow and learn. They move around the box already white quickly and make very funny noises - one girl barks already if she can't find Habi :) So please don't be surprised that I'm not by the PC anymore so often - you now know why :)

PUPPIES ARE HERE - 14.01.2008

Today Habi delivered 12 wonderful puppies - 5 boys and 7 girls! All are big and strong - weight around 500g, all with a ridge and white in standard. More info will follow shortly. Thank you all  so much for your support - Habi and babies are going great! Now we all need some rest, but meanwhile enjoy our first puppy pictures...


To make the puppy waiting time a bit more funny - 2 new galleries added :)

PICTURES - 10.1.2008

Habi is getting more and more ready for the BIG day. Habi's belly has mooved down already and we have everything ready to meet little puppies any time! Pregnancy gallery updated with some new pictures...


Habi is doing wonderful - growing  bigger every day, spending lot's of time sleeping and going for nice and long walks in the wood to have fresh air and to be in good condition for the big day :) Enjoy our new gallery  Habi's pregnancy...

CAT PICTURES - 5.1.2008

We have received nice pics from our C-litter's girl Coco and her playmate Esme -  both girls having fun... Thank you Maija for those cute pictures :)

UPDATES - 1.01.2008

Finally our page is more or less transferred to the new layout. Habi's page is updated and new galleries added - Habi's portraits and stacked pictures...