SUMMARY - 31.12.2007

This year was great - we had so much fun at home, with our friends, at different show trips and parties. My darling Malozi Habiba became the first RR with a Multi Champion title and she is also the 1st BH (obedience and temperament) tested RR in Latvia. Here is the summary of our achievements during 2007:

  • 25 shows entered, 18 abroad,
  • 17x class wins with EXC1,
  • 7x BB1,
  • 11x CAC (Finland, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus & Poland),
  • 2x RES CAC,
  • 5x BOB,
  • 3x BOS,
  • 3x BIG-1, BIG-2, BIG-4,
  • Club Show Winner 2007,
  • BH Test passed ,
  • BIS-1 and 2x BIS-2  breeder group placements.

And we have some great plans for the upcoming 2008... The greatest plan is our first RR litter due in mid January! And the rest - well - stay tuned :)

HOLIDAY TIME - 28.12.2007

We had a very nice Christmas time this year - Habi enjoyed nice smells from the kitchen and got some nice and deserved treats under the Christmas tree. Pictures from our Christmas time here... Habi is growing BIG (Big girls - you are beautiful - it's a song I put to Habi now:D ) - Habi loves to sleep a lot and her winter coat is too small already, so let's be prepared for a very nice litter.

KITTEN NEWS - 27.12.2007

Our kittens have moved to their new homes - Domino left as the 1st (he was born also as 1st) and he lives now in Riga and sometimes travels to Roja at weekends. Dafne moved to Liepaja - a very nice city by the sea, she has lot's of new friends - parrot Chiepa, a turtle and also a huge fish "TV" :)  And the last moved out little Dante - he managed to fall from somewhere just before he needed to leave so he enjoyed our company a couple of days longer as his back leg was ok again to do those amazing jumps all over the place... He has a fantastic Devon rex brother at home Murphy and they are doing fantastic together! I'm so happy for all of the  kittens - wonderful owners for all 3 babies - I'm so happy for them! New pictures added to Dante's and Domino's galleries...

MEETING PEPIJA - 17.12.2007

Our friends Ieva and Martins brought adorable ridgeback girl from Sweden - Rex Ventors Pepija and we headed on the next day to meet little baby! Oh Pepija is a true sweaty - I could not stop cuddling her all evening long - I can't wait Habi's puppies :)

Aunt Habi, happy me and sweet Pepija in my lap...


We went to the vet today to make the ultrasound and we have great news - Habi's pregnancy is confirmed!!! So little Habi's and cute Hony's expected around January 15, 2008!!! More info on parents under puppy page... Inquiries welcome!


Thanks to all participants - we had a wonderful handling course! Gerard had a bit hard time with our 2nd level group as we all have been quite lazy since July, but we managed well and hopefully we are much better again for February :) Yes, Gerard is coming back to Riga - this time it will be a weekend course - February 9 and 10, 2008. More information here... It was a very nice week and I hope to see you all soon! Registration form added in order to  make the registration easier!

PICTURES ADDED - 25.11.2007

Pictures from Habi's love trip to Czech added in the gallery...  Keep fingers crossed for a nice and healthy litter in mid January!

COCO NOW CHAMPION - 24.11.2007

Huge congratulations to Our C-litter's sweet girl Coco Cassia for her well deserved Champion title - but she did even more - on a WCF show in October Coco became Best in Show house cat!!! Coco is the first strait haired selkirk rex who becomes Champion - this is a very nice event - bigest congratulations to Coco's owner Maija!!!

HANDLING COURSE - 23.11.2007

Gerard O'Shea is coming to Riga again - just a reimder that the foundation course will be on December 3 and 6 and the advanced class will be on December 4 and 5. Read more here what to take with you to the class! Be prepared to have a great time :)

HOW HABI MET HONY - 18.11.2007

Finally the time was right and we all packed our car and went on a very nice trip to Prague to  meet handsome Hony and his family! The trip was really long - 1400km of driving through Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech and we had our boys Leo (3) and Larss(1,5)  with us too, but they were amazingly great passengers. So already on Tuesday evening we met Hony's family - Petra and Miroslaw. And on the next morning Habi met Hony and both immediately fell in love with each other - love was in the air for sure :) They are a truly matching couple complementing each other so great - I'm extremely happy about our choice  - so now let's keep fingers crossed for a nice and healthy litter. Thank you Petra and Miroslaw for a nice time and I promise to put Habi's  love trip report with pictures soon ;) Meanwhile enjoy pictures from Hony's page...

KITTEN NEWS - 8.11.2007

Our Devon rex kitties are 2 months old already and all of them have new owners already waiting for them to grow up and then join their families! Both boys Dante and Domino will be living in Riga and Daffodil will be living by the sea in Liepaja - we are very happy to have so great owners for our babies :) And you all are always welcome to visit your babies as often as you wish - I know waiting another month can be very long :D


Kittens are growing very quickly - almost 2 months old already! Check individual gallery of our 3 devon rex babies - Domino, Dante, Dafne! Black and white Domino is still available - let me know if this little gentlemen has fallen into your heart - he is adorable!!! Check also new pictures here and there :)


I spent the whole day today updating my site with pictures... Better later, than never :) Enjoy dog  show galleries from last Summer - Haapsalu, Ogre show and afterparty, Palanga and Hunting show pictures ;)

FIRST SNOW - 3.11.2007

Very early this year... Habi was not very fond of this as she knows that winter means cold, but our son Leo loves to eat the white snow, so at least someone is happy abut it :) Check our first snow pictures here...

NEW CAT PICTURES - 27.10.2007

Finally added LOT'S of new kitten pictures - take your time and have fun... Habi loves to be a nanny to the babies and they find it very interesting too, so they make us laugh a lot :) Our kitties have got their names already - black and white boy will be called Domino, curly boy is Dante and our flower girl is Daffodil. Funny Domino is still looking  for his new home!

And added pictures of 2 lovely Selkirk rex girls attending their 1st show! Betta is Amrei's daughter and Aurora is granddaughter - both were so well behaved and looked so beautiful - I was extremely proud of you! Pictures here...



Our best RR friend Kimya left so suddenly this world on a sunny Saturday morning... We feel so sad, no words can express it, it is terribly hard loss for all of us.  Just 2 days before I was sitting on a sofa - Kimya by my left side and Habi by the right, both sleeping so cozy rolled up like only ridgebacks sleep... Kimya was the first RR puppy I could see growing up, we spent so many shows together with Ieva and Martins - always competing in the ring, but being the very best friends afterwards, having great dog parties, we have been planning so many things to do in the future...  it feels so terribly empty now...  And so unfair...  We will always have Kimya in our memories!

Kimya and Habi as a puppy 2 years ago...


New kitten pictures added to the gallery. Kittens are doing great - all have learned to eat solid food already and are trained to use the litter box properly :) So now just more fun to learn - with siblings,  mom, Habi and the rest of our pack!

Meanwhile Habi was photographed by Dzintra at Teodori quick party - take a look on our lovely girl here...   Puppy page updated too - thank you Petra for this wonderful picture  - they look so sweet togather :)


Habi's eyes were tested yesterday and are absolutely healthy and clear! So we are getting ready to our trip to Czeck in order to meet handsome Hony and his kind owner Petra :) Keep finger's crossed for a safe trip and we hope very much to be lucky and get a bunch of Habi + Hony puppies under our Christmas tree :D

And finally Habi's show results are updated too...


Habi's season has been delayed for 2 months and we have decided that the time is right now for puppies!  I promise to announce the sire really soon - be patient :)

Meanwhile Habi's wonderful breeder made a very nice surprise for us - check the Ridgeback Club of Finland Champion gallery - go to year 2007...


I'm more than happy to announce that our wonderful teacher - Gerard O'Shea is coming back to Riga in December! More info here...  His handling courses are famous now in Riga as well and the course in December is booked out already, just some places awailable in the advanced level. But don't be upset if you did not manage to get a place this time - Gerard will come to Riga in February again - e-mail me if you want to get to the course for sure!


Our babies are very cute and grow very nice, take a look on the kittens page. 2 kittens are still awailable. Many thanks to Baiba for the new kitten pictures in the gallery :)

CAT SHOW - 14.09.2007

Last Sunday was the first cat show for 2 wonderful cat ladies - Amrei's daughter Beta and Granddaughter Aurora. They took the whole show process very easily and enjoyed the time with the judge with pleasure - I was very happy to meet them both and it was very nice to meet their nice owners too - I hope to see you soon at some other shows as well and I promise to put some pictures as soon as I come back from our vocation ;)

DEVON REX KITTENS - 13.09.2007

For a change some cat news - we have kittens!!! And what a litter - one kitten is perfectly curly coated, one almost hairless and one with some hair - just as crazy as aliens should look like - our first Devon litter is so amazing and so special!!! More info under kittens page ...

TRIP TO POLAND - 2.09.2007

We packed our car and went to Poland to attend 2 CAC shows in one weekend. We had a great company - Dzintra, her son Arturs and their 3 dogs - 2 whippets and stafbul made a great company for Habi and me :) So we drove out late on Friday night in order to be at the show place in Slupsk in the morning. Driving 900 km in the night was tough, but we managed very well, dogs had several run stops in the woods, we had a couple of coffee breaks in the Statoil and we slept also for 2 hours - not so easy at our age but still ok for crazy dog show people :D And it was definitely worth it as the day was very nice and sunny!

Ridgebacks were judged by Ms. Maria Bruska, PL and so was the group final. Breed entry was 5 and guess what - Habi won the open class with CWC (Polish CAC) with a golden medal, placed BB-1 and also BOB! So we stayed for the finals and it was worth it - Habi won the group too - BIG-1!!! And Habi's best friend Satangin Jesta Jesper also placed BOB and BIG-2! And Arturs won his class in junior hendler competition and placed 2nd after the older group winner - great day indeed for everyone!

So we were very happy and drove to the other show place 350km - Wloclawek - a very nice hotel that accepts dogs waited for us, so we were fit again next morning :) Breed entry was 4 and judge was Elzabieta Sobieszczanska, PL. Habi won open class again with CWC + golden medal and placed also BB-1 and BOS! Actually this time we were quite released not to wait the finals :D So we happily headed back home and late at night our trip was finished - total driving time 25 hours, driving distance 2020km... Dog people are crazy, but this is such a nice hobby :) Thanks to Dzintra and Arturs for the great company and I'm looking forward to other trips soon... Now Habi needs to wait 6 months before we can go after our last CWC to finish the Polish CH title. Pictures here...


TRIP TO FINLAND - 22.08.2007

Me and Habi went to visit Finland again and we had a truly outstanding trip, lovely vocation with the best company, 4 wonderful shows and generous IKEA shopping - you really can not wish for more :D

The first show was in Eastern Finland - Joensuu - breed entry 21 and judge Ms. Paula Rekiranta, FI.  Habi was EXC2 in open class out of 4, RES CAC and BB-4. All BB class was Malozi girls, BOB went to Fanny and BOS her gorgeous son Jumo. Pictures here...

The next day CACIB in Joensuu - judge Mr. Esko Nummijärvi, FI, breed entry 20 - very much running in the ring, the whole critique was written during the movements - in a hot Summer day it was quite tiring. Habi EXC1 in open class of 3 and RES CAC again. BOB went to Fanny again and BOS to Fanny's other son Kani from Netherlands. So close to the FIN CAC both times, but that's ok, we had a good plan in advance - Habi stayed with her breeder Tuija and I could come home to see my boys and bring some IKEA stuff home :) Pictures here...

The third show was in Kouvola - breed entry 19 and judge Mr. Markku Mähönen, FI and Habi was handled by Tuija - so no surprise for the result - EXC1/5, FIN CAC, BB-1 and BOS! Habi's sister Aura was placed as BB2, so a very nice day indeed for our girls :) But that's not all - Malozi breeder's group consisting of Habi, Aura, Milka and Jumo was BIS-2!!! Pictures here...

I got back to Finland in time to show Habi in our 4th show in Heinola - breed entry 22 and a very interesting judge Mrs. Ritva Raita, FI. Only 5 of 22 RR's were awarded with EXC (3 of them were Malozi) , so I was very pleased that Habi placed EXC3/5 in CH class and became also BB-3! Very interesting and funny comments on several dogs from the judge - males becoming too "girlish" and therefore getting VG's, girls being a bit "boyish", some too legged, some too similar to "little postman" :D It was great fun to hear this all live :D Pictures here...

So thanks to Tuija - Habi is now also Finnish champion - it is Habi's 6th and so Habi is now the first RR in Latvia to have the honor to be official Multi Champion! I'm very proud of my girl - her FIN CH title is very special to me - in the honor to the best breeder in the world Tuija, mom Emmi and all the other relatives as well as in the honor to the country she was born in and spent her first 7 weeks in. Thank you all for support, great company and lot's of fun - the trip was amazing! And I hope to meet you all soon!

Fun pictures from Habi and Bono here.. and pictures of Habi and brother Sisu here...

PALANGA - 4.08.2007

We combined shows and a small vocation and went to Palanga, Lithuania. Unfortunately the weather was not great for getting a nice tan, but we still had lot's of fun and some nice results as well - Habi got her 4th LT CAC and placed as BB3. Dogs were quite lazy as they were having lot's of sea and sund fun all the time, but this is also wonderful - shows come and go, but happy dogs are so sweet :) Thanks to  Ieva & Martins for a great company! Pictures will be added some day :P


It was time to try the new skills from the handling seminar and it worked so great - I was amazed howquickly dogs and handlers changed for so much! RR was judged by Mr. Joop Hiddes, NL, breed entry 12 and Habi won again Champion class with EXC-1/3 and ended up as BB-2! Habi's best friend Jesper (whippet) won BOB and BIG - so a very nice day indeed!

And on the next day we went to Hunting dog show in Riga - breed entry 9 and judge was Ms. Lessi Chistyakova, Russia. Habi placed BB-3 and little Koby had his debute in the show ring with being BOB and BIS 6 baby!!! Congratulations to Baiba and Anu too :) It was a pleasure to have so much fun and Habi loved Koby's little rabbit friend very much :D

HANDLING COURSE - 26.07.2008

Thank you Gerard for such an amazing course - we can't wait to have you back :) We will work hard to be ready as you come back again!


We had a great show trip to Haapsalu - Estonia, the sun was shining, car full of friendly and nice behaving dogs and a great company... This year there were 12 RR's entered - quite a lot for a CAC show, but lately it seems to be ordinary already. Habi was entered in champion class for the first time and did excellent - we won the champion class (out of 3), and also won the EST CAC by placing BB1 (out of7) so I was very happy for our nice results! It was a pleasure to show Habi - she was in great show spirit and waited chicked to be handed to her all the time :D Judge was Mr Csaba Borsfai from Hungary. Habi ended up as BOS this time giving BOB to Rex Ventors Moscow Majesty - also a relative of Habi by the way.

On the way back dogs had a lovely run on the beach - what a joy after the show... Pictures will be added soon! Promise :D

CARLIN HAS BABIES - 18.07.2007

Mega congratulations to new mom Calrin Colista from our C-litter - she gave birth to 2 wonderful selkirk rex babies! This is the first Selkirk rex litter in Poland! Check out yourself the cute babies here...


I'm very happy to announce that for the 1st time in Latvia there will be a professional handling course with Gerard O'Shea from Sweden. Mr. O'Shea is an international show judge and has had dogs for 32 years. His handling courses are long booked out and held all over the world - USA, Australia, Canada, New Zeeland and Europe - so don't miss the great opportunity in Riga! There will be 2 classes held in Riga - 23 & 26th July (in English) and 24 & 25 th July (in Latvian) from 17:00 - 21:00.
Entry form can be downloaded here...  
Registration at Latvian Hunting Dog Club or contact me , +37129299668.

SHOW UPDATES - 8.07.2007

I have been quite late on show updates lately, so let's start from the beginning! Habi went on a nice show trip with Dzintra and co to Belarus and brought back home amazing results - BOB, BY CAC and BIG-1!!! Thus becoming Belarus Champion this year. Just to remind that last year at the same show Habi became Junior Champion of Belarus and was Jun BIS-5, great show and wonderful results! Thank you Dzintra for such a great handling again!

And last weekend was a bit busy for me and Habi - first we went to Parnu. Habi won her class and placed as BB-4. On Sunday we went to the closest show possible - just 5 minutes from our house. Unfortunately the weather was terrible - heavy rain during the RR ring and Habi could not show her best, she needed to shake that awful water of her glossy coat :) So winning a class and placing BB-2 in such a weather is also a nice result :) Afterwards we had a dog party at our place - great fun for dogs and a nice relax for owners. Pictures will be added some day...


X-RAY RESULTS - 16.06.2007

Habi had the official x-ray and it came back with excellent results - HD:BA, ED:00!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY - 14.06.2007

Huge congratulations to all 4 cute C kitties - you are so wonderful! Kisses to hadsome Crispin in Ventspils, lovely Carlin in Poland, cute Coco in Riga and funny Beris in Bergi - you are great ;)


My darling Habi is 2 years old already - what a nice age :) Many hugs to all the brothers and the sister as well as mommy and daddy and the biggest thanks to Habi's best breeder ever possible in the World - Tuija - you are amazing - thank you so much for our sweet Habi!

PUBLICITY - 12.05.2007

We have to new articles - in current (May) magazine "Mans nams mana pils" is a nice article on our Habi and in magazine "Sieviete" you can read on our lovely Nina and Selkirks ;)

And new gallery for Nina at last added here...

HUNTING DOG SHOW - 28.04.2007

The wheather was sunny and the show was so nice! We had a lovely company - Kimya, Juburu, little Koby and Dzintra as well - so the day was great from the very beginning! Breed entry was 5 and judge was Tīna Šulce from Latvia. And we got what we were after - Habi CAC, BB1, CAC, CLW2007, BOB and BIG4 :) And handsome Juburu made the Malozi name proud again - JCAC, BM1, JCLW 2007, BOO and JUN BIS4 :) I'm so happy and prud! After the show we headed to Kimya's house to have some more fun and we all did - pictures here! Thanks to everyone for such a lovely day, hope to see you all soon again ;)

HABI - BEGLEITHUND - 15.04.2007

Habi is the 1st RR in Latvia who has passed BH test!!! BH-Begleithund translates as "Companion Dog." This test is used as a preliminary character evaluation and also the obedience exercises should show the bond between the dog and the owner -and guess what -  we showed it all nice ;) 15 dogs took part in this exam this time - mostly GSH's of course and Habi is the first RR who took part and passed it as well ;). I'm so proud of our work - this is a nice start for this Summer! Very many thanks to the best instructor Peteris Akimovs! It was a great day and thanks to everyone for a nice company ;) Photos here...


Habi had a lovely show trip again with her "show crew" :D It was Habi's show number 30 and a really nice one!!! Dzintra was so kind and took Habi with her to Rakvere and great results again brought home - BOB, EST Sert and also BIG-1!!! Breed entry 5 and judge Mr. Markku Mähönen from Finland. Thanks for the great trip and a big kiss to Habi's big love Jesper from tired Habi sleeping on the sofa ;) Pictures here...

SKONTO SHOW - 17.03.2007

It was a combined dog and cat show under one roof, very nice for people like me ;) Two cats from Amrei's last C litter were there - Coco Cassia and Crispin Cordero. It was the first show for Coco, she did very nice, was in a very nice mood and looked so sweet. Crispin looked extremly handsome, I was surpised HOW beautiful he looked... Crispin was BIS nominated on Saturday. Pictures here... 

And Habi did also nice - EXC1, CQ and BB4 - congratulations to all our friends for their nice achievements ;) After the show we went to take a look on 8 tiny labrador puppies at Teodori... Thanks for a lovely day and it was fun to see everyone again!

SHOW IN VILNIUS - 11.03.2007

We had a lovely weekend in Vilnius - show and tiny vocation ;) Habi got her 3rd LT CAC on Saturday and we were very proud to take part in Malozi team at the breeder's class competitions - and despite the big entry ~20 breeders Malozi won the 2nd prize!!! And on Sunday Malozi did "a bit better" - winning BIS Breeder title! Thank you Tuija for everything - it was a great pleasure of being part of such a wonderful team! I'm extremly proud ;)

FIFE CAT SHOW - 3.03.2007

Both girls Nina and Kika had their first cat show and it went very nice! I spent all the day chatting with old cat friends and getting new ones and it was a very nice day :) Both girls were a bit unsure what to wait from this strange place, but getting ont he judges table was not so bad at all. Kika was the first and she got a very nice critique and was awarded with EXC 2.

Nina's entry was a bit different, as Selkirks are not a recognized breed yet under FIFe, so she could not get BIS nominations anyway. But the judge was very experienced in our breed - Eric Rejers from Czech. Nina's color was recognized as silver tabby and she has a lovely critique ending with  !!!

We also spoke on the recognition of this breed under FIFe and seems that we are not so far away - 15 cats are needed for first recognition and hopefully we can fulfill all the requirements by the next year!  This is my goal now :)

Lovely pictures taken by Dzintra - here.


We are going to attend a cat show at last, otherwise just dog shows dominate on our schedule :) So all are welcome to meet us tomorrow in FIFe International Cat show in Riga, Sporta Manēžā! This is going to be the first show for Nina and Kika :)

And - our galleries have a new layout now! Thanks to Martins for a great job ;) Promise to make updates soon!


Show time again - this time we packed our car and went to Panevezhus, Lithuania. Last year we also were there and this time Habi competed in open class for the first time. Breed entry 4, judge Natalja Nekrosiene from Lithuania. And we did very nice - LT CAC, N (show winner), BB1 and BOB! As I needed to come back home, Habi stayed to the finals with Dzintra and they did great again - BIG 2!!! A lovely day, nice trip and a great result, what can be better :)

SOME UPDATES - 12.02.2007

Nina's page, Amrei's page Kika's page updated. New page added - kittens born in our cattery and doing great at cat shows - our show stars :)

HABI'S SHOW TRIP - 19.01.2007

Habi is back from her first Europe show tour this year! Dzintra was so kind and took our girl with her dogs to Slovenia CACIB and passed many nice places on the way too - so both - fun and work ;) Habi's main goal is accomplished - Slovenian CAC is ours and so Habi can become Slovenian champion after finishing Latvian Champion title! Thank you, Dzintra, again for excellent handling and lovely dog company for my girl ;) Pictures of the trip Hungary - Slovenia - Italy - here!

CELEBRITY HABI - 18.01.2007

Our star Habi has given her first interview already ;) Very nice pictures and a whole page in this week's celebrity magazine "Privata Dzive".

NEW PAGE - 18.01.2007

Finally our page has new and more up to date look :) I hope you will enjoy your stay and I promise to make major updates in galleries and other pages soon!

WELCOME IN 2007 - 8.01.2007

Habi's page updated.