LV* Highleg Run Chick ~Kika~

DOB - 18.11.2005

Breed - Devon Rex

Coat - DRX n32

Breeder - Dagmar Rosenberg, Estonia

Owner - Kristine Liberta &
Dzintra Staprena

Litters - Planned for Summer 2007

Character - active, playful, people oriented, sholder-percher, lap-sitter, tail wagger and retriever of tossed cat toys ;)

Kika is a very charming Devon rex girl and she is co-owned and lives with my friend Dzintra and her 3 lovely dogs and two Cornixh rexes. Devon rexes really look like creatures from a fairy tale with huge bat like ears, large eyes and short wavy coats and Kika is a very good and nice example :) Everything is a toy to her, she can play with pens, pencils, little balls, any kind of ribbon, a rolled up scarp of paper - she will play with anything! Kika is a very nice girl and she enjoys having fun with her friends -rex cats are the best play mates :)

This Spring Kika will attend her first cat show and hopefully in Summer she might visit a handsome Devon rex male! Keep an eye on our planned litter announcements and give a notice in advance if you wish to become owner of a lovely and very social cat spending lot's of time on your shoulder ;)