Toperex’ Amrei ~Amre~

DOB - 26.07.2002

Breed - Selkirk Rex Longhair

Coat - curly black

Breeder - Sylvia Weinmann, Germany

Owner - Kristine Liberta

Litters - A, B, C

Character - peacful, laid back with strangers, tolerant towards other pets, but not extremly friendly with dogs.

Our Amrei is the first Selkirk rex in the Baltic's and Scandinavia. We brought her from Germany and she even staid with us in Vienna for one week and then we had a nice flight home to Riga. She is curly longhair (SRL) solid black (n) and she has raised 3 lovely litters - 9 kittens in total, 5 curly and 4 strait haired. Now Amrey is spayed and enjoys her well deserved rest from our breeding programm.

She has an exceptionally sweet temperament and very impressing eyes. She loves to take part of everything I do, like a real rex should :-)

Please visit the gallery for more photos or the kitten page to see her lovely kittens..

Please see below the pedigree -

Moschino’s Hunphrey Bogart


EC Son of a blank von der Klingelwiese


CH Topcattery’s Renegade PER d

GIC Qdpies Point Black PER b

IC Silberpappel’s Sarotti Baby


CH Qdpies No Guts No Glory PER b

Chocolate-Primavera PER b

Karline von der Spitzenstadt


PR Insiders Curly Carlson


Diamonds Snowflake Leopold SRS as 24

Insiders Yvett EXO a 33

Lea von der Spitzenstadt

PER ns 21

Insiders Smokie EXO ns

Insiders Antonella PER us24